Could we get content for players who don't like pvp?

So, am I the only one who prefers exploration? every time I try and go into pvp I end up getting paired with someone who’s leading dino is a unique that also happens to be 5 levels higher that my strongest- then I lose with no way of countering them. and so I avoid versus, but that leaves the games content a little lacking. I cannot get coins nearly as fast as a pay to win player, so even if I get dna, I cannot level up anything past about level 17 or 18 as the cost become unattainable. so now I have lots of dna with no ability to use it, and I cannot win in pvp to earn the coins necessary to make pvp a viable way of earning coins. Yes they have a few pve events or treasure chests, but mostly I can interact with those one time in a day, meanwhile all the pay to win players can take advantage of their overpowered combat team all day long. a little balance would be nice, how about having towers reset every hour or two? how about having more types of pve available in a given day?


I’m a casual player who has absolutely no interest in the competitive side of the game. I came here to hunt and collect dinosaurs. I don’t even bother with hybrids anymore. It all depends on what you enjoy out of the game. For me, it’s getting out and about, walking and hunting, leveling up the prehistoricals (my personal goal is to get them all to 20th) and just enjoy the game.

Saying that though, I would like to see more PvE in the game. Having two strike towers a day is a bit low. I’d love the opportunity to replay them either with a small (10 or 20) HC cost or just having to wait a couple hours. Even if the rewards were halved for repeating them, it would be more fun for the casual players.


What if strices let you handicap yourself. Maybe just for sport or for greater reword. I would too do more pve if it existed.

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You can get the coins without paying. Just collect them everyday from the spinners.