Could we have another epic than spinosaurus gen 2 in raid incubators please?

The title says it all. Most of us should be getting close to the 50k DNA cap now…


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I need this but never seem to get it!!!

On average, I get 1k per week with all the raids. So getting close to 50k now and no-one asks this on Sunday as we are all loaded with it.


Maybe it’ll make the new CC hybrid

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I made a post about this same topic a little while ago, but I don’t think it received enough attention. When we first started getting more dna from raids, including the spino dna, it was great. Well, that was a long time ago and now we all have more than enough spino dna. CAN WE PLEASE START RECEIVING SOME DIFFERENT DNA OTHER THAN EPIC SPINO. WE HAVE PLENTY NOW PLEASE AND THANKS

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I think a good idea would be too add the older epic raid bosses in the incubators for example
Wolly mammoth

I agree, they should have a different epic for each raid. It would be a good idea for the extra bonus dino DNA to be a component of the raid creature for the hybrid raids. So the Parasauthops epic bonus could be Acrocanthosaurus or maybe even some Parasaurolphus Lux.

I’ve seen somewhere that Alberto will be fused with one of the spinos I believe hopefully the epic one .