Could we have more Mortem raids, please :-)

Hi there,

I know I have asked for this before, but I and many others are desperate to finish our Mortems. I have been raiding for this DNA non-stop for over a year now, 15’s almost every week, and still have not finished it despite not missing a single week (I have witnesses, so please do not comment below on how that is impossible :slight_smile:). At the rate we are going, it will take way too long to finish it. I also cannot afford $100/40 DNA incs. Nor can most people. I really appreciated the extra Mortem raids we got this month, but sadly due to RNG, I got almost all 15’s again, not enough to complete it. Please give us Mortem at least 2x per month - that isn’t much to ask. I would prefer it if Mortem was permanently added to weekends, but I have little hope of that happening now :sob: I know multiple people who haven’t even unlocked Mortem, or have just started their Mortem journey. We all really need the DNA! Thanks so much!


They had Mortem out the last 3 weeks strait. Let’s hope they just keep it on the Sunday schedule.

Mortem yay that is one of my favorite raids

Even tho I maxed and boosted it but benched it

This would be ideal - Mortem is such a fun raid! I LOVE IT! Even if I maxed it I would still help people raid for it bc it’s FUN. Imperato is sooooooo BORING AND SLOW!

The mortem was lovely but not the croc eh but mortem was simple and the strat was good but it comes on occasion now :frowning: