Could we please have the orange supply drops back

… pretty please :pray:

I know its a small thing in the scheme of things but I’m bored with the boxes of fireworks now and the treasure chests don’t stand out.


Kind of like leaving Christmas decorations up until Valentine’s day.


I still have my Christmas tree up. :smile: @Tuco


At some point you’re just super prepared for next year! :rofl:


Right? That is what I was thinking. :rofl:

I like them, but maybe that’s because I think blue is the superior color :rofl:
I don’t object to the return of orange ones though.

With the addition of sanctuaries, the decorative summer pins and the beachy strike towers are leaving certain parts of the map a little cluttered… There’s a corner near where I live with a sanctuary, a strike tower, and an event pin so close together that it’s hard to see dinos behind the clutter, let alone tap them to shoot. Sure, strikes and events move, but the pins remain.

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cough, cough - still blue … are you waiting until the Christmas decorations go up …

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Supply drops used to be blue, when I started playing

I wish they wern’t stationary drops but drones flying across the sky that you grab when they get close.

Would probably lag though. But they do kind of move…One darn supply drop near my house moved away 50 meters or so. Now I can’t reach it anymore.

At least they’re not backpacks filled with school supplies?