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Could you complete the notes?

I know this update is HUUUGE, so are the notes. But they’re incomplete. Many abilities from “creature updates” are absent there. All the new shields, new thagomizers, Cleansing Shattering Strike, Refresh, Tip The Scales, Taunting Rampage and many others. Could you complete the notes before the update? I would like to know already what happened to my Tryo, other creature users would like to know what happened to their creatures too.


I agree with you

Don’t forget the Haast’s Eagle-Deinonychus hybrid, Poukaidei.

If we get all the moveset information we’ll finally be able to come up with a list of what counters what, and what team would be the best for the meta.

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Ok guy this is new creature update ability
Evasive strike

Haast eagle gen2
Evasive strike
Fearless flap
Instant distraction

Haast eagle
Evasive strike
Fearless flap

Persistent ferocious strike
Defense shattering impact
Defense shattering rampage

Persistent ferocious strike
Revenge distraction impact
Defense shattering rampage

Cunning strike
Cunning impact
Acute stun
Cleansing impact

New rarity APEX
Mortem rex (stat from video
Hp 4500
Atk 2000
Speed 108
Armor 0%
Crit rate 40%
Fierce impact
Fierce rampage
Cleansing impact

Some dino passive i don’t know


That has nothing to do with the topic at hand. We are talking about moveset descriptions not titles.

I’d also like the release notes to be full. Leaving out details of new attacks moves is silly, and i’m not sure whether that was intentional or an oversight.


Raids seem pretty straight forward, at least to my understanding. You go in with 1 creature per player, up to 4 players. the team should be relatively balanced ( DPS, Buffs/debuffs, Tank, healer) to take down the boss and survive its attacks. Take down 2+ health bars with at least 1 creature standing before 20 rounds and you win. This kinda reminds me of the raids in the latest pokemon games.

Wonder if we will get AI helpers if we go in solo.


Oooh that would be cool. They would probably use team-buffing dinos.

I wonder if we can see what creatures the other players are using. Having a team full of healers or taunters might not go very well.

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That would be shown in the lobby if it is a feature. I would assume Ludia would do it since people can join from halfway around the world. I don’t think there would be any kind of chat feature we would want to use to communicate during battle either, so team strategy should be discussed before you enter.
what sucks is you can’t really chat with friends that aren’t in your alliance, so strategy discussions will either go to discord or the forums unless something changes.

I see a good number of people failing the raids for a bit while we figure out team synergy for each boss.