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Couldn‘t fight in Arena right after update despite several restarts

Today it‘s working again, but yesterday I restarted my game three times and was still not allowed to fight Arena right after loading the update. Lost medals by that and my Arena energy was overflowing the whole night - and I can‘t find a reason to not be allowed to fight?


… and there is no free restart option anymore?
Maybe I’m wrong but I haven’t seen anything like that in release notes for this minor update?


:frowning: What the heck, man. I’m sorry the Arena is going haywire on you. Honestly at this point if restarts aren’t cutting it you might be best off doing a clean reinstall (being certain you’re connected via FB or GP of course. I believe you’ve stated you’ve done reinstalls before so I’m sure you’ll be fine, but just in case someone else is having this same issue and stumbles on this post). I don’t know for certain if that will fix these issues for you, but I hope they will be the kick in the pants the game needs to get it together.

And of course, if you haven’t already, you should let support know about these bugs :confused: I don’t know if they’ll be able to do anything, but it will be good for them to know. If you prefer to speak to them outside of the game, their email is

Also, I hope this will fix your Book of Dragons issue too, if you end up going the reinstall route.

Let me know if that does anything!


Had to do a clean reinstall and restart the game to get the button to find opponents working, free restart is working again by now, but BoD is still bugged …
Guess I need to do a clean reinstall every update and adjust all settings etc. everytime.


I‘ve given up on reporting since ingame Support messages vanish for me and I don‘t get answered. Maybe I should try to send emails but I‘m simply tired of all that, I‘m trying to enjoy that last piece of peace I get if game is working fine.


Hey, I totally understand. This isn’t supposed to be a job, it’s a game. These are supposed to be fun. And it’s what game testers are for. It shouldn’t be up to players to ‘seemingly’ be the only dragnet for bugs and honestly, it shouldn’t be up to support to be receiving a constant flow of bug reports. That should be a separate division. But for a smaller team, maybe its just been combined? I don’t know.

Nevertheless, I get it. I’m just glad that some of the issues were fixed with the reinstall. I know it’s a bit of a drastic step to get things working correctly, and I’m sorry about that. When I had issues with in-game support not working, a clean reinstall fixed it for me, so maybe, hopefully, it might have done something in that regard? But that’s only if you’re in want to contact them or feel the need to.

In either case, if you ever need the email again and can’t find it, feel free to hit me up, and I’ll be glad to send it your way :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot, honestly I feel more supported by you than by in-game support that‘s constantly super busy answering tickets and therefore trying to keep their answers short.(Which obviously isn‘t their fault!)
Back when I was playing on my phone and had massive problems with breakdowns and overheating, in-game support only told me that I haven‘t got enough RAM while you suggested to do a clean reinstall and regularly emptying my cache which didn‘t fix the problems, but made it much better so I could play some quests in a row.
Thank you for sticking around here and making suggestions what to do about technological problems and bugs!


Yeah, they’re doing the best they can, but they’re clearly overworked and overwhelmed. Seems like the whole team probably is :confused:

I certainly don’t know everything, I’m more than willing to admit that I make mistakes (went into a store the other day needing a coax cable and asked for an aux cable :joy: the guy helping me knew what I meant and was kind enough to smile and nod and not point out my painful flub up. I’m still clutching my chest over that one.) but technology is a fickle mistress and ever evolving. And sometimes it just likes to be weird and go off the rails for no reason, haha~

More to the point, however, is that I’m just glad to help where I can. Even if I’m not always right, or they don’t fully fix a problem, I’m happy to know that at least sometimes my suggestions help? In some way? Yeah :+1: