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Couldn't Resist, Was It Worth it? Help Please It's Not There!πŸ€”πŸ˜¬πŸ˜’


Is This A 1000 Gold Down The Drain Ludia?


Here’s a good approach to thinking about it:

  1. Is the ability better than what I already have?

In this case, you have the legendary, which has a chance to give everyone block at the beginning of turn. The new item gives the cleric stealth.

What would you rather have? Stealth on the cleric, who isn’t really squishy or block on everyone?

The legendary has better ability here.

  1. Does it improve raw stats? Legendary = epic +4 = rare +8 = common +12.

Level 5 epics are equivalent in raw stats to level 1 legendaries. The epic is inferior to your legendary which you can already equip.

  1. Does the transaction cause you to expend resources inefficiently?

If the spend was less than 1% of your total gold, then it affects your ability to do things with gold minimally.

If you’re short on gold but have an opportunity to trade a large amount of gems at 1 to 20 gold or better and its something that you would have done anyways then it’s okay. At the endgame, gems are limiting and gold is in surplus, so I tend to feel that any trade of gems for gold that doesn’t give immediate and dramatic improvements is a poor trade. Similar to gold, it also depends on the gem supply and how it affects your ability to do things that costs gems.

You traded 60 gold, which should be worth at least 1,200 gold, for 1000 gold. This was a loss in value for your account. You also depleted both your gold and gem supply to buy an item with no benefit to you.

This was a terrible transaction because it limits what can do in the game for nothing.

That being said, in economics there is a variable called β€œutility” and the amount of happiness or positive feelings a transaction creates goes into this variable. So if it makes you feel good that you ended up buying it, then it was all worth it in the end.

However, if we ignore your subjective happiness, then yeah it was flushing 60 gems down the drain when they had much better uses.

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I’m pretty sure she was talking about buying gear and not seeing it in her inventory. There is occasionally a lag between buying something and it showing up in your inventory. Either exit the game and reboot or wait patiently.

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No Worries, I Got ItπŸ‘
Just Took Some Time To Get There I Guess?
Hope All Is Well ApacheMayhem :grinning: and, retsamerol, Thanks For The Input :innocent::blue_heart::sparkling_heart::woman:

I Wanted To Complete My Set :grin: