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Count Your Boosts Before the Update

To Ludia, I hope for your sake you do this right with the boost return or your support staff are going to have a very very bad week or three.

Everyone go through your creatures and write down and calculate how many boosts were applied so you know how many you should get back. I have quite a few unused on top of what what I have applied. If you don’t have excel, you can use google sheets. Any more you buy or earn between now and the update, you can just add in to the unused.

Example of my 2 accounts:


head on over to the jwa discord and use the boost calculator to keep track of the exact amount of boosts that you have. its a cool tool and allows you to save your info for future editing.

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And here i just have a note on my phone that i update when i get more. not hard to do when you only need to add 4 at a time. May have to make an excel spreadsheet. Will help so much in keeping everything straight.

for example.

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Quite useful. Now i really should take a day and make sure i got everything counted right. Make sure i didn’t miss that obscure dino that i put like 1 tier into. Now that i’m thinking about it. I did infact miss 1 or 2 in my calculations.:thinking: I need a list.

its fairly easy to track down any boosted dino, using the search function.

Looking at the total amount of boosts I have for each account, if each boost tier cost even 50 boosts, I will not have very many boosted creatures. I average around 6 to 10 boosts per tier so I hope each tier isn’t any more than like 10 to 15 boosts.

If each tier is like 50 boosts.!? I’ll only be able to apply around 15 boost for each tier total for all my entire team. Might as well remain unboosted with an exception here or there.

If they say you can earn 1 boost (I mean tier) per week, I’m now thinking each boost tier may cost 25 boosts. So then if you get your DBI every day all week, you would be able to boost one dino one tier in health, attack and speed.

they have to make the exchange rate very accurate and fair, especially since they are still selling them. i expect equal compensation and extras. they cant diminish the quality of the boosts we already have. thats a huge refund that i will ask for from my bank if they do.


They said in the original announcement one tier pier week is like the minimum… and if you grind you can earn more free boosts.

Even if those more free boosts equal half a tier of boosts per week. Every two weeks thats an extra tier… hoefully its more like an extra tier…

Scary - done my inventory and actually have boosts on 30 creatures; may have missed a couple on the odd tourney creature but the figures are close enough.

How do I find it?

How do you search?


I commend you for your efforts into organizing this fiasco. To be honest with you, it takes too much time to do this. Kind of kills the fun of the game really.


I remember someone posting the formula to calculate boosts. I can’t remember what it was. I wan’t to keep a spreadsheet just in case.

Boosts used = # of Boosts to next tier minus 2

So, 64 Boosts needed to next tier means you have used 62

Thanks. Got my spreadsheet done. Should only have to update it once a day now.

It’s an awesome idea, but it is not working unfortunately,… it loses all of the boosts in inventory each time. :frowning:

Guess I will need to create a spreadsheet from the data.

well thats how it works. those numbers change daily.

Don’t forget to screenshot your dinos with their tiers as evidence. A spreadsheet won’t mean jack if you can’t prove you actually used the boosts.