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Countdown to dino's despawn


It would be nice to add a countdown when there’s left less than 5 minutes till despawn. Few times I was walking to a rare dino without any hurry and it despawned right in front of me. Yesterday it was tyranosaur that despawns 100 meters from me. If I saw that it’s left few minutes to stay, I would go faster or run to it and I could catch it.
It can be added to the screen where there’s “launch” button and big image of dino. It would show how far from you the dino is and how much time it’s left to stay.


Same thing has happened to me, it would be a nice addition!


I’ve gotten 3 epics that spawn 4 blocks from work. I check at 15 til I leave. Not there. I leave, it’s there. Drive 4 blocks, stop, click on I’m a passenger and it’s gone. That is clearly not a 1 hour timer.


This need to happen, just an indicator when you target the dino like:
+5 min remaining
<1 min remaining


I just lost 8 and more epic because I wanted to reach the 50 meters to recharge the drone batterie, but walking to the 65 meters, they just despawn! This game is bloody trolling me! We really need this countdown!