Counter atack dinos


Hi guys im new here :wink: im F2P and im enjoying JWA a lot im currently at 3300troffes but cant go igher :sweat_smile:
Anyway my favourite dinos are the counter atack guys (concavenator,carnotaurus,megalossaurus,nundasuchus,rajassaurus) but they are soooooo easy to kill
They are Tooooo slow
Is passive is affected by raptors pounce debuff wich is dumb
They should at least get a % critical ratio increased
Is only use for me its to catch some guys with low health raptors on lowguard
Anyone feels the same?


I don’t think anyone does for the most part. Raptors just got a huge nerf. Asking for more doesn’t seem to be a popular opinion.


Raptors still on the meta even after the update now how many counter atack dinos do we see on ladder? That means something right? I dont wanna be rude but a 2x damage + debuff of 50% atack is way too much 2x damage was already great just like rampage but its just my opinion


At least majundasuchus need a buf in life, like 800,1000 more life. Is so disapointed, my girlfriend have it at lvl19 and can be 2 shoted by a raptor more then lvl 17, and beated too by any meta tank. His set is good, his dmg average for counter attaquers, but lack life seriously


never been a huge fan of the counter attack dinos because they usually have 1/2 the attack similar dinos have, so in the end, it’s the same. except when your dino gets killed it only did 1/2 the damage that turn because it doesn’t get to counter attack.


would be nice if all the 1x counter attacks were armor piercing or something to compensate for their low damage. that way tanks counter attacks wouldnt be armor piercing as well since that wouldnt make sense.


If your Majundasuchus can be 2-shotted by a raptor, then that raptor should already be dead. Every raptor dies on one turn when you use Cleansing Impact (Counterattack for 50% of damage, then get 15x damage hit).

It’s when they’re equal level or the Raptor has the level advantage, because the Majundasuchus won’t survive the Pounce outright.

That said, I certainly am not opposed to a life buff for counter-strikers. I’ve been saying they could use it for awhile now.


I use my Counter-attackers to swap in, that way whatever I’m suddenly fighting takes a little damage to compensate for the otherwise-free hit.


majunda attack is so low that it can barely do half a raptors hp with cleansing


At what level? Mine was doing it all the way to level 15, in the earlier part of Sorna. It was only when I started meeting level 15+ raptors that it started to fail.

Then again, at Sorna Majundasuchus started to fail everywhere, so take from that what you will.


forgot majunda can ferocious t2 so yeah it should kill raptors around same level.


Majunda wont survive 2 hits from a raptor
Raptor pounce will make counter atack do 0.5 damage (bad programation there is passive should not be afected) even with cleaning impact majunda will have a hard time to kill it
Raptors are way easyer to get to higher levels then majunda
Rajassaurus % critical hit after last update seems great but have too low hp and low atack
Carnotaurus and magalossaurus the same
They cant do much on batlle low speed+low hp+low atack+low defese :roll_eyes: i hope devs will give then some love one day