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Counter-attack hit and run broken

Thank you very much Ludia!

I lost all 3 attempts on the epic strike tower because when Erliko does hit and run my Grypo does not counter-attack on the Erliko hit!

You were told about this last week and nothing has been done about it.

@E.D @Ned

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Not just that, NO DELAY ON MOVES. Sino used IC and Rhino used Invinciblility FIRST TURN on swap in. This is just flat out ridiculous

Same happened to me.

At the last turn I was frustrated and was just trying throw the match just going for immobilise at first. But the gama swap to sino and it got a full stun xD.

And I actually won I am still suprised

Same thing happened to me. Gamma hit and run, my grypo didn’t counter attack, sino came in landed the stun. THEN not only did it make me end turn for some reason on that swap in stun I also lost my heal move I hadn’t used yet. On top of all that sino used his delay priority stun the very first turn so I had 2 full turns skipped. That was the first time I’ve ever seen the “effect already applied” error too. That entire battle was a mess of glitches.

I’m sorry to hear that this issue is still in the game, GPx. :sweat: Our team was made aware of the unintended AI behaviours, and they are working on a solution.

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