Counter-Attack issue

Hi, Ludia.

Make the Counter-Attack distinguish between enemies and allies.
It is understandable that the dominated character attacks allies, but it is so strange that the NON-dominated counter-attacking hero attacks allies when he/she was attacked. They wasn’t dominated!

Especially Tommus’ Silverhand Axe!

While the character is dominated, considered an enemy. Low IQ and depending on the affliction,
other stats characters in D&D often had to roll against attributes.

But The problem is not only the dominated character, but also splash damage to allies nearby by AoE.

This concern surrounding dominate, primary CA, and secondary CA has been raised in the past.
My primary issue has been the inconsistency of primary counter-attack targeting; sometimes the dominated hero attacks its opponent and other times it attacks its own party.
I suspect the developer is satisfied this interaction is working as intended and do not anticipate it will change. Fortunately this odd mechanic affects all players equally.

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Not normally, but certain weapons, such as Fighter’s silverhand axe (maybe also Barb’s rare hammer Ranger’s epic bow), work strangely.

In this situation, when a dominated thief attacks a fighter under the counter-attack and activates his special attack, even allies on the same line are damaged. This is so weird.

To my surprise, if the fighter is equipped with a legendary weapon, it is not. This is not consistent.

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And while fixing this particular counter-attack problem described above, you should also take a look at a disarmed character happily counter-attacking away.