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Counter attack theme next week event dinos + strike tower schedule


Event rework just established

Monday we gonna get some april’s fool event for sure!


Literally nothing I will dart


I have been really struggling to stay motivated with this game lately, and seeing this has definitely sapped a lot of my remaining eblnthusiasm. :frowning:


1 day to dart 27??? Unless the idea to shrink is so we see more of them if that makes sense


Waiting on Saturday to dart Raja.

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sad days :S getting 27 of the same dino if you want only one is nearly impossible now


@Ludia_Developers is there a reason you have to make all your events as annoying as possible? why nothing on 2 days, but 27 attempts in one day?

this gonna get nerfed too like everything else? down to 6 hours or so?


Friday is literally the only day I can take my time to dart in the events. Somebody thank the employee that took this decision for me, you just really hurt my gameplay.


Wow, they literally must have got together and said “Ok, what combination of USELESS DINOS can we prepare for this week?”…

Edit: Ok now, breathe… it’s ok… just try to remember we used to have nothing of that…


It’s not even about the choice of dinos, could care less about that, it’s about the fact they’ve pretty much reduced the entire week by 50%.

2 days with no event dinos… what is the point in that? What does that achieve?
5 less strike towers… why? Where was the voting poll on that change?
less scent towers… why?

I mean aren’t Ludia supposed to be encouraging more play not reducing it?


No dinos on Monday. No strike events on Monday. Seems this day turned from just another manic Monday to vacation day :sweat_smile::man_shrugging:t2:

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Meanwhile at Ludia…


There will be 1 strike tower and 1 scent tower on Monday.


It is pretty much as we all suspected. Maybe they figure to let the game die a slow death to milk as much money as possible until they finally turn the lights off and lock the door.

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I thought that Ludia couldn’t disappoint me even more but they still do. What’s the point of reducing events? Do they really believe that we would be happy because of it?! :-1:


Mondays events are missing due to technical issues its in the twitter post… monday is april fools…

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it is quite shocking that they pay people to put together these events that nearly the entire player base couldn’t care less about.

week SD contest for 50 cash, week long drone contest for 200 cash, an entire week of worthless dinos. why even bother :sweat_smile:

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I’m in Australia so all the events are the next day for me. Saturday was often one of my biggest hint days. Now there’s nothing on Saturday for us in Australia. Nobody asked for this change. 27 dinos in 1 day during the week is laughable unless you dart randomly.

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Gonna dart just Megalosaurus & Rajasaurus, hopefully I can craft Megalosuchus…