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Counter attacks

We’ve probably all faced an opponent who relies heavily on counter attacks but I’m wondering what are people’s view on the counter attack crit chances?

Personally, I think counter attacks should have a 0% chance to crit, it’s already dealing out extra damage per turn so it shouldn’t be able to crit. Just curious as to how others feel about counter attacking?

And I know there’s many more pressing issues in the current state of affairs but just a consideration going forward :slight_smile:


I don’t mind crit chances on counter attacks as they don’t usually deal a lot of damage back.


I think generally they’re fine considering how many counter-attackers that can crit are either not that great or just garbage.


Only one i can think of is dio which already does soo much dmg without crit. the rest of the counter attackers are okay to trash so they kinda need the crits when they get

My Dio says no.