Counter-Based Dinosaur Counter Attack Suggestion


Hi Ludia,

I think this simple change would help balance the Counter Dinosaurs and improve their usefulness.

Counter-attack attacks should mirror their Basic Ability Counterparts in terms of type. For example, if Concavenator used his Counter-Attack, it should have Armor Piercing attributes. Ankyntrosaurus uses his counter-attack, it should have the Nullify Strike attributes.

I have a Concavenator level 19 that has over 750 damage for his basic. Problem is, most high level dino’s have Armor, so I am almost never benefiting from his high-damage counter. I want to use him to balance out high damage tanks like Stegodueos, but it’s not possible with the current way Counter works.


The thing with counters is they’re not a real attack, per se. Particularly with armored dinos like Ankyntro, Nodopato, and Amargocephalus, they’re meant to reflect that the dino is covered in spikes and any attacker would necessarily be injured in return. At least, that’s my understanding.

Tbh, a lot of the predators with counter-attack don’t make much sense when you consider it the way I do. Then again, I usually don’t use counter-attackers because they’re among the weakest dinos in the game. Maybe your suggestion would be a much-needed buff for some of them. However, when it comes to dinos like Megalosuchus, which is already very powerful, it would be excessive. He’s yet another spiky counter-attacker.

Maybe they just need to rearrange which dinos they give the counter-attack passive to and make sure they’re all dinos that have defensive qualities that would make sense with it. Seems like they could come up with a better passive for some of the currently underutilized or weak counter-attack dinos.


They are my favourite type of dinos but they lack speed, HP and perforating atacks against this tank meta
Pinning strike could also be replaced by expose weakness, ferocious strike is other option (their atack stats influence is passive) so we could taka advantage of that


Although I dont necessarily agree with what youre saying… Some added effects from counters would make an interesting idea. Counter attack causes vulnerable or something…