Counter Damage after Impact and Run

Dinosaurs shouldn’t receive any counter damage after impact and run. Doesn’t seem well thought through to me and misses the point of impact and run, which is - surprise - to impact and run away.

haha lol. thats the cost of running…


Would make more sense if the next dino gets the counter damage but not the one, that has just ran away.

Taking counter attack damage from run attacks is like getting a status effect when you dodge the attack. The game isn’t about logic. Lol

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Agreed. You still bleed even if you dodge so by that logic it is what it is.

Sometimes the door does hit you on the way out. I have no counter attackers in my team and three hit run but I think it’s fair they get hit as they leave.

Counter attack is that, the opposer gets hit in the face the moment they attack. It makes perfect sense it hits before the creature can leave. Not only that, but it’s a great counter to fleeing dinos,so it’s neat balance wise.


same thing when we swap in a counter attacker and you commit to hit the previous enemy. you hit, you get countered…

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When you attack, you wait to run, so since you attacked, they get to attack back, or the bleed gets to consume you… Just like Pateradactyl said: Haha lol. thats the cost of running…