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Counter dinosaurs should get a speed buff


Why in the world is Lythronax so slow? Its speed is 104. Look at concavenator’s 106 speed and tell me what kind of good match up it’s supposed to have. At least Megalosuchus can hold it’s own against Indominous but not much else. These creatures are too slow to defend themselves. By the time they have put up their shields they’ve already lost 3/4 of their health making their defense irrelevant. The most appropriately fast counter dino Trykosaurus at 108 has a grossly inappropriate speed match up against the 105 speed purrolyth. Maybe these creatures wouldn’t be so low tier if they were a viable counter to tanks. Most tanks already have a slow down attack. Why not make them use it?


All counter atackers are very weak only tryko is good sad but true they lack speed and hp their counter is the main source of damage and even that is totally shut down for stun wich is dumb ( counter atack it’s a passive and that says de Dino will allways counters iff he suffer damage and still alive) well that’s a lie stun is proof of that…they need a speed boost and hp buff badly(I’m looking to you purrolyth) or damage buff and hp and keep the speed


Hadn’t even considered counter attacking while stunned. That does seem like a buff these creatures need.

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A counter attack dino gets extra damage output (unless stunned or distracted or enemy invincible). If they had buffed damage and speed, they would be overpowered. The only one I use is Giga, cuz it is beefy and can slow opponents, giving me a shot to put a shield out, or rampage. It is a great one to swap into when the opponent is about to die, but they are faster than you.


I don’t think their damage output should be buffed. It’s fine the way it is. I’m not asking for a huge speed buff either. I don’t think a 111 speed purrolyth would be game breaking. 117 speed megalosuchus seems reasonable as well. I know I’d love a 107 speed carnotaurus. 115 speed grypolith might actually make it better than Lythronax. Do these sound over powered to you? Would you rather leave them the way they are or tweak their speed a little?

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This would be ideal.



I only want a minor speed buff. Is that really too much to ask for? There is no need for lord Lythronax level of power.


why do you compare tryko to purrolyth? besides the fact that they both can counter attack.


Because I believe Trykosaurus should be slower than purrolyth.


why? its highest component is 111 where trykos is 115. maybe 107 if that helps.


Because Trykosaurus is a big chomper comparable to the t rex, one of the slowest dinosaurs in the game.

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it was created to be better then its counterparts not equal and if its slower then other creatures have an advantage.


Purrolyth literally has the body shape of an Indoraptor. So what?

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ok? or a skinny lizzard. whats that have to do with it. lyth is still slow and purro is only 111. indo is also made from one of the fastest creatures.


I was replying to the ballast tail thing before the rest of your message showed up.


by definition tryko should be faster.


Anyways this isn’t meant to be a purrolyth vs Trykosaurus thread. It’s my thoughts on counter attack dinosaurs.


ok. i was just curious why you compared purrolyth to tryko and why these dinos must be lumped together just because they share counter attack.


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