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, Counter for indoraptor gen 2

ProRat, nobody but him, cautious strike is nullified if slower, can dodge hits, and is a good swap and nullify creature, change my mind?

:thinking::eyes::eyes::popcorn::popcorn: can’t wait to see the comments :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Ya know what, me too

i will counter with spinoconstrictor. beats indo g2 and surprisingly can also beat procerath.

True, but procerat is still a good counter for indoraptor gen 2

I dont have spinoconstrictor but what you think may or may not be right, since I don’t have it to make sure

Keratoporcus worked really well for me in the last tourney…

Doubt many people have it leveled or boosted to match all the insane Indo G2s though.

I’ve beaten it with Keratoporcus more often than I’ve beaten it with Yoshi.

But I haven’t used any boosts, so since I always go second my Yoshi has had a huge chunk of health removed before it gets a go. Then it can only nullify strike as Indo users are wise to the evasive and just use CS against me.

Keratoporcus gets to slow it, then LW also they usually swap out leaving Keratoporcus to hit the new Dino in with a 2x rampage.

I use MEGA Becky as counter for that
But there’s also a tactic that I call “maximum bombard” (not sure if I can say kame… You know)
Basically, start with dentist and go for decel, then the indo will be forced to go for mutual fury after receiving a DSR, you then must swap into a bleeder (in my case, I use vexus)
I’m waiting for the next skill tournament to see if majundaboa will be able to counter it too

The only creature that has a 100% chance to beat IndoG2 is geminititan.


Whom is dentist



Maxima is 100% as well

Gemini is my favourite procerat + indorat counter

Well yes but actually no

If I had gotten a crit it would have been one shot

Again technically no Ik this gen2 but considering gen1 beat it imagine gen2

At equal levels, a correctly played Gemini cannot possibly lose to Indo G2.
That one clearly let you set up MF which is a misplay

The trick is to go for definite shield advantage first


Ik he did twice and I was did you not learn the first time

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