Counter for Tragodistis

I think Tragodistis should have a counter as the dinosaur to make it amargocephalus has a counter. I just don’t think it makes sense as dilophoboa has a counter which is fine but the creatures to make it don’t. So Ludia could you add back the counter attack even if it’s a little bit worse than before.

Just buff it even more then the counter, yes a counter would definitely be appreciated but it needs way more to be on par with modern creatures


I had one, I think. I don’t know why it was removed. Same goes for Nodapato. The counter was removed but not from it’s 2 hybrids.

If I’d make it have a counter,i would choose Counter Vulnerabillity

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Which Counter Vulnerability the one that Andrewtops has or the one Dreadactylus has?

Whichever I’d like

Both deals damage. One ingredient of Andrewtops has a counter vulnerability that doesn’t deals damage.

Dread’s CV does less damage than Andrew’s

For a seccond i was worried someone needed advice on how to counter(defeat) trago XD

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Today is your lucky day:

Trago used to have a counter back in the day as well as she used to have 124 speed! Was a beast in the early days. Had long invisibility and a rampage.