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Counter indoraptor gen 2?

counter indoraptor gen 2, I would like to know your plans to defeat him.


i use a couple of different creatures. Maxima has a decent shot at it if you can get the prediction right.
Gemini is the best counter. Personally i like using Spinoconstrictor.

Others have had luck with Carnotarkus and swapping in Monosteggo.
If it’s already sped up, a slower magna can take it on.

Indo is pretty easy to take down when you have the right counters. Early-game counters are basically suchotator. Then you have maxima and ardont (who always start strike), and you also have gemini and mammolania. Spinoconstrictor and indom gen 2 do really well against indo as well

Just make sure your mags has a faster base speed