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Counter my creatures

I have created some dudes in toolbox. Need help in finding counters for them, or see if they are OP
First is this
Ya’ll can post your creatures too, I won’t mind :wink:

Erlidom wins by going cloak, rampage


found out magpy, grypol and dio beats it in 1v1, but they are brought to swap in stunning strike range

Indominus rex, boi.

didn’t try legendaries lol

Nothing can save him he has no shield.

Oh common, it can win lol

both the indoms win lol

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Yay lol

10 character.

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And maybe make a really strong creature with ceramegnas and Tenotorex.

Man, it would be soooooo powerful.

Megna should win

yes it does

Tbh maybe also try scorpion rex gen 3

bruh it counters almost perfectly


Going with megna.

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Magna wins by DI, NI, FR.

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And again Indominus rex lol

nah indom loses