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"Counter" on spiked dinos to be replaced with "Spikes"? New Passive Idea


Counters on these herbivores are trying to simulate spikes anyway. Give them something unique to stand apart from the carnivores and fill a new niche in battle. Something like:

Passive: Spikes
Deal 0.25x damage ignoring Distraction and Evasion upon receiving damage.

Basically, .25% of the carrier’s base damage that isn’t affected by Distraction or Evasion and will trigger even if the carrier dies or is stunned by an attack. However, it can be reduced by Armor and Shields. An armored and well defended attacker isn’t going to have much trouble with some spikes but those spikes are always there whether the dino is alive and functional or not. It also adds this cool dynamic where if you are against a Counter attacker, Spikes will trigger twice! The overall damage is only limited by the dino’s base attack.

I wouldn’t recommend a 0.5% variant simply because it has the potential to trigger more often and consistently than a normal 1x damage Counter that can be Distracted and avoided through Stun and also needs the user to live. Maybe make some variants AP like Kentro and Mira? basically, if it’s little nubs or minor looking spikes like Trago and Tryko, no AP. But if they’re a a spikey boi like Kentro, Mira and Gigaspike, AP it is! Otherwise armor and tank busting damage should be left to the heavier and some smaller carnivores.

Thoughts? I wonder how easy this would actually be to implement. I imagine it’s not in right now because it may be difficult to code and simulate damage being received as your attack is hitting a Spike user. Hence the .25 and .5 counters we have right now.

Edit: I just realized that this may be the buff Dioraja needed! With Spikes and Counter as separate abilities you could potentially stack the two together! Stackign 3 Passives seems excessive and unheard of though, maybe they’d take away SI Ferocity?


I love this idea.
Dioraja and Tuora will be better.


Interesting, I like it.


Please no more miragaia buff that thing doesn’t need a buff


If the idea is used it would be a nerf, because currently counter attack of Mira pierce armor. The proposition of OP doesn’t. Besides, it’s 0.25 damage, currect Mira’s counter is 1X.

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Id say get rid of the 1x AP counter and just make it the .25 AP spikes. Fits the flavor and it tones Mira down to a level more appropriate for its moveset and rarity.

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Chompers are dead. New entry for dio?:thinking:

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