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Counter Option For Boosted Thor?

How do you deal when face a boosted thor? Specially speed boosted…

Be killed and cry, or is there any strategy? What creatures to use or swap?

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Swap-in-bleed could work, instead of a DC.


Priority bleed hope they add for boosted thor

Attack boosted Erlidom and a successful dodge.

Boosted rinex works great. Most of the biggest speed thors I see are 180. My rinex is 183


Anything with distracting works fairly well. As long as your faster, nothing has really changed

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Pretty sure the OP meant to ask for counters that are slower than a boosted Thor as that has been the biggest issue since the boosts are introduced.


Well if ur slower nothing is going to help. You’re going to get smacked in the face. Simple as that

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A 40% chance for a 5800 first turn hit doesn’t feel good. Nothing u can do about it ur slower than prey for evade/dodges to work. But that’s not a “counter”

You can try swapping into Thor’s weaker attack with a health and attack boosted counter attacker (preferably with a Rend counter attack), then swapping into an attack boosted DC to take out Thor.

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5800 is the weak attack :joy: still hurts

Not saying it’s not gonna hurt, but some teams rely solely on Thor and once it’s taken out you still have a chance.

mmmm… it seems like a nightmare so.

this is why im calling boosted Thor now Odin.

i think the main thor weakness is low speed. this was well planned from design. if you boost speed and thor becomes sonic the hedgehog… than all that game desing goes to garbage can.


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Dc is pretty much the best thing but even with that u have to have something to get the hp down enough to get it in range. Can be hard to do if thor outspeeds your whole team. I recommend speed boosting ur distracting dinos. Guaranteed ur best hope tbh

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speed. that’s what you need.


A faster Thor :wink:


This too^


when the first opponent’s thor move does critical, the battle is almost lost for me. :frowning:

too much speed boost resource.

1.6 = dracorat meta
1.7 = boosted thor meta

mmm… high level purutaurus (33% rend counter) + high level DC. :slight_smile:

i hope the patch tommorow gives us some nerf guns…