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Counter Option For Boosted Thor?


no I know. i dont use those in the arenas but i got to use the dracorex gen 1 during the tourney and i grew to like it. it has low swap in damage but has an instant charge move.

it has definite strike swap in which is good for cloak or evasive.


My dc is still level 16. Proudly :+1:t3:


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Flagged already? Really? Are the kids home from school already?

Edit Just a heads up, that flagging someone’s comment that you don’t agree with so it’s hidden is censorship I hope you know!


Got swept 0-3 to super speedy Thors 3 times just now. There is hardly a chance to counter thanks to the 40% crit and a priority move. Such a silly game now. At least PoGo never messed it up THIS bad.

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They could give Thor a different version of Instant Charge with a 3 round cooldown, or two move delay.

Charging Strike
Priority - Deals 1x damage
Delay 2, Cooldown 3


Because in the original Jurassic movie all the dinosaurs are made female.



Things like Zoos typically group female animals together as they will socialise and group.
Where as male animals will fight all the time!


That’s what I did. Well… no crying but… sad faces…


The problem is Thor kills an opponent and when I bring in a counter. Thor uses his IC before Distraction is applied so there is 2600 (what ever it is) damage. The next hit does the same. That’s 5k damage even if it doesn’t Crit which is unlikely


mmm… yep.
and for jurassic movies, the controlled dinos are all female to control breeding.

but… for jwa game, wich is battle-based, it would be better all males then, hahahaha. fight fight fight to death.