Am I the only who does not understand why EVERY single hybrid now has counter attack? Even though none of this components posses one? They become so overtuned, overloaded and just OP (Alberocevia is one of the best examples, but new flyer flock hybrid also makes no sense at all). It also makes no sense and makes the counter attack creatures less special. Whats the point of using a certain dino as a component when its hybrid has nothing to do with it at all? What do you gauys think of this topic?



I think Cevia’s counter would be fine if it did no damage. Albertocevia already has a ton of output, so from a balancing perspective, the problem isn’t the counter existing, rather the counter being excessive when it doesn’t need to be, something many abilities do. For example, Albertocevia and Rexy would still be overpowered without their swap in, but Ludia adds them on anyway to ensure they’re put at the top of the meta. So I think the issue is more that Ludia is adding unnecessary and excessive moves rather than just counter attacks.


Yeah totally agree, but the counters seem to me most nonsensical, maybe on pair with swap ins, they are definitely over the top for no reason