Counter Swap In Rampage?

Swap-in Rampage from Dracorex II is not a big deal if you are full health but if not then there is a problem. It could take you out even before you can do anything with that.

so my question is if there are anythings to deal with it?

  1. what if the Dracorex II was swapping in the same turn? which one would take the first move? the one that has more level?
  2. what if faster dinosaurs which hold swap in ability (like Swap in stun, Swap in Distracting) will take an SIA effect on Swapped dracorex II first if it was swap in the same turn?

yeah, those 2 questions are just an ideal fantasy. only thing that I can deal with it now just take that lil Dracoboi out after survive SIR before it swap out.