Counter to cloak


Can we allow cloak to be removed by nullify strike? As it stands right now, if Indominus uses cloak and you don’t one shot it you die. There’s no counter unless you somehow guess they’re going Indominus first and use something that has Invulnerability.


You just typed the counter into a post asking for a counter.


So I have to send out Anky every game I have it in hopes of them sending out Indominus? How is that even remotely balanved?


So they should nerf something many people spent countless hours farming because you don’t like it? This reeks of participation trophy culture.


Are you stupid? He’s immune to debuffs, has armor pierce, pretty much Invulnerability, and he does stupid damage after he uses his first turn Invulnerability. Don’t get mad because I’m talking about your one trick. I beat them all the time. I hate losing one dino guaranteed because it’s unbeatable unless you luck up and use a dino that has invulnerability. That is not balance my friend.


Please leave this up, whatever you do. :rofl: does it feel weird in your stomach when you get mad on the internet?


Instant cripple before its x4 attack, Instant shield before x4 strike. Using cloak against cloak.


Or get mad at a game

I went through 4 days of getting mad at a game and it got me nowhere! I delete and reinstall and delete and reinstall! Unfortunately this game like many of these mobile games are worse than Crack! At least with crack it’s not that easy to get! You can’t get away from it! :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Now I have learned to accept my losses and move on to the next battle!


Counter to cloak … hmm … luck. I often beat them by just bypassing his Cloak. It’s just a 50% chance, not high enough to be OP.


it’s cloak into 3k+ damage


It is a Legendary/Unique skill so it should be overpowered after that effortful grinding (or spending lots of $$$) to get an indo rex, indoraptor or erlidominus . Without cloak it is just like a normal slow Rex with higher HP.


He’s impossible to counter : His cloak can’t be removed, instant invincibility got a 1 turn delay (you can’t use it after a switch) and it has the ability to do the most damage in one turn in the whole game (i’m sure not even indoraptor could do that much). It’s pure RNG : Hit him twice or he gets a free kill.


Most things with a shield will save you for at least a turn. Sacrafice a lesser dino until cloak is used.


Honestly, yes it sucks but, ive had pretty good luck this far against it. I feel like u have a 40:60 chanceto hit it. My best defense thus far is my Allosaurs lv 17. Great hp and pretty good attack power. Or even my Stygimoloch gen 2 lv 16 bout to be 17. Speed of 130, so u attack, it cloaks u either hit or miss the use hit and run. Ive K.O’d a bunch of them with this lil guy. Yes, i wish i could have a better hit ratio or nullify his cloak, or even have a dino with an ability to still hit him but, i still jave fun cursing out the game when i fail. Lol.


Isn’t cloak able to break through sheilds?


Or just switch your weakest (preferably half dead) dino in as you know exactly when it’s coming…

At least it’s an RNG chance rather than a 100% certain pounce doom.


Indominus is slow. Is a 1 trick pony that rarely does anything after cloak. Shields in general nullify the 2x bonus from cloak. The 2x is because it does no dmg first turn. Infominus can’t break shields but it’s usually best and balanced to just sacrifice something or try to hit through cloak anyway. Mine dies frequently without doing any dmg.


It is a one trick pony your right


Wait till these guys start encountering Indoraptors. Imagine the amount of complaining xD

Seems they’re trying to win every battle 3-0 and the possible death of a single dino (of their choice, too!) is unbearable.


My Indominus gets killed prior to attacking (both 50% chances are a hit) every once in a while, meaning he does zero damage before he dies at no consequence to the other player. Also, using a shield makes his attack deal regular damage which, in the case of my level 17, is only about 1700. Now he’s rendered useless since he’s used his “one trick”. I agree Indominus can be frustrating, but he’s definitely counterable without using instant invulnerability.