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Counterattack bug

When buffed by coriolis wizard is counterattacking from range with a melee weapon (Silverhand dagger)

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I had Pikel get pushed back from a rock in Hiddenforge while having Cori counter attack on and he was able to counter attack back from 2 zones away from the boss as well with a melee weap (his epic). Might have actually been Heartcoil deeps boss been awhile since it happened and it doesn’t happen real consistently but I can also confirm this odd counter attack behavior. Can’t recall it ever happening in PvP just PvE.

i had a match where my saarvin got charmed, the other teams cori buffed and it also buffed my saarvin that was charmed. his lock then did an aoe attack on me and my saarvin then counter atttacked his own team including himself. This patch has got to be the worst yet, way more bugs than any previous patch and its been a full day and nothing even done yet. Does not seem like they even test patches before releasing with the massive amount of random things that have gone wrong