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Counterattack is too powerfull

Come on it is an ability not balanced an hero with high health and counterattack become almost unstoppable he do 5 attack each round till he dies the combo with the warrior is impossible to break you will have half team killed before killing him…half damage for free each round he is attacked is still a lot. And you know that if warrior use provocation you cannot attack others so don’t say dont attack him by not attacking him you give one or 2 free round to enemies without attacking and that still a too powerfull bonus ,there is no way to counter it only blocking all enemy attack but the skill cannot be shot from 2 row away and usually the warrior with counterattack advance so basically a warrior that provocate with counterattack become unstoppable…he gives 2 round free to all companions or damage half enemies health all alone…too much

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For PvP it can be annoying but in D&D they are supposed to be. They are introducing more debuff stuff so that helps. Pushing them away and being able to target other characters help . He cannot counter attack against ranged attacks . But yeah the fighter can be pesky. Just armor debuff him and beat on him for a turn and he becomes a squishy blood stain on the floor like anyone else

Dominate works well too

Taunt + Counterattack wins games on its own , that’s true. It also continues working if you disarm the character, which makes it far worse. The fact you still can’t skip turns in PvP really makes it frustrating.

The fact it has no counter is really problematic. I mean, dominate doesn’t either, but at the level I’m in it’s only 2-3 round at most, and while crippling if it hits your Namolen or Halbenet, it ends soon enough and you don’t automatically lose half your party to a single combo.

The only thing I found that works well against Tommus when he gets that combo up is insta-kill like Namolen’s legendary hood. It only kills him outright 25% of the times, but takes about 80% of his health even if it fails.

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Given that this is sorta D&D, each character should have their own saving roll against taunt. Maybe even have to save each turn.

I’m only at levels 6/7. Do debuffs exist to eliminate buffs at the higher levels?

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AFAIK Nayely is the only character that has an ability to remove buffs from enemies.

a legendary to take it out put the skill on a common item…so people have to choose if taking a common against counterattack or other better items but with no power anti counterattack.

I don’t like counterattack. Unless I have it, of course. :slight_smile:

That said, I don’t think it’s overpowered. I mean, I can usually work around most of it.

The one that I really can’t stand is the out-the-gate full team stun or whatever it is. No move, no attack for two turns.

If we’re thinking like D&D 5e, the counterattack is fine, but it’s a reaction and should only be available to use once per round. Character gets hit, counterattacks and then can’t counterattack again until its turn.

Counterattacking 4 times a round is kind of ridiculous.

Or make it a percentage chance.

anyway in D&D mages and clerics got dispel magic here they dont

are you really saying it??? try to go against tommus who launch counter attack and provocation you cannot go around it in any way simply you cannot so dont talk just to open mouth man …

Provocation? You mean taunt, where he’s my only target?

Attack from back row, if he can’t reach. Move and hope you proc an attack with your boots. Spend that time healing and buffing. Limit your attacks to your tanks.

Yeah… it hurts and you’re at a disadvantage. But I’ve beaten taunt/counter and I’ve been beaten when I use it.

There are many other combos and effects that I hate far more than taunt/counter.

mm, sweet sweet AC. I don’t have a problem with the damage from counter-attack, but it is OP with the way the specials and stacking are implemented. I think if counter attack used just a basic attack - no chance to crit, no chance for weapon special ability, it would be more reasonable. The same goes for dominate.

What I know is that I’m so frustrated by duels that I’m doing them just few times in a day for exemple in last 24 hours i had no chests to open at all cause I didn’t wanna get frustrated by pvp…i prefer if you insert a button like autoduel and give me only the result after even if I mostly will lose it’s ok I don’t see a battle I cannot win losing lot of times…because as they are It’s just frustration time mostly…instead of losing here i can win in another game…I usually already don 't like pvp i’m not competitive but this is even false pvp and more absurd and frustrating than real one…

insteadof making team just advance if no action is taken if they cannot advance make them attack so it will be a sort of autocombat this way you can win at least lesser enemies without battling…

Hey, I appreciate what you’re saying. I’m pretty competitive myself.

But, I’ve managed to find the sweet spot for me on this game. I PvP for the chests and really don’t care if I win or not.

Because… you’re right! I lose when I should win… I win when, frankly, I should have been destroyed. You know how it is… it’s a tight match, they miss, you proc, and it’s all over. Nothing really to do with strategy.

Heavens know the number of times the other team’s ranger gets first shot, pushes my entire team back one row and immobilizes everyone. So, I sit there for two turns while anyone that can reach whittles me down. No strategy, no defense… nothing.

Or when our little gnome buddy gets first shot… moves two zones, double crits, instakills one character through block and you’re down one player before you even start. That just happened to me… little L6 popped my one L8 on her opening salvo.

But, because of that… because my losses don’t mean that I was beaten and my wins didn’t mean that I actually won… PvP becomes nothing more than a chest generator.

At least, that’s how I see it.

a chest generator that make you lose hours and hours of time i prefer to start a match go out of game and then rejoin later …till i got to minimum point for arena but even there often the game cheat as it would say nope man you have to lose one playing because there are programmers on the other side and my team lose another …befor ebeginning to win and go back up that’s why i think they wanna have fun on us…And they can’t at least not on me …

I don’t know.

I’m only in Arena 3, but I rarely lose more than 2-3 in a row, and even then I generate about 8-10 ticks in the chest and it takes maybe 15 minutes.

For me, I do it during a break at work.

I generally ignore the VIP chest and only PvP when I have an open slot or I’m within 2 kills.

Costs me, maybe, an hour a day, tops.