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Counterattack not working correctly

Enemy dragons are gaining life when my dragons have counterattack on, regular hits and specials


I dont have a good counter-attacker to check this. Though in my clan some spoke about same with an Alpha battle.

This might be happening to me too? To be honest I wasn’t entirely certain at first, since their health jumped up with their spirit. Like it was locked with it somehow.

But if it’s happening to others, I feel a bit more safe in saying it is indeed an occurrence and not just me being tired :sweat_smile:


I’ve seen waveshakers health at go up at times after using their special, but anytime I try to watch for it, I can never catch. As far as I can tell that is just a visual error.

With counterattack bug they actually get a green number giving

On a related note. Enemy counterattack has never damaged my dragons

How about the counterattack based on abilities?

It was removed about 3 updates back.
If they are keeping the spirit gain of enemy bots, we should be able to use counterattack as a valid way to compete with spirit abilities as they generate way too fast and the aoe damage is too strong.

Now counterattack only activate on normal attacks and not on single target / aoe spirit abilities. Please help to check on this.

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My gameplay is severely dependent on counterattack. So, naturally, I’ve noticed it’s not working as it should any more.

It goes as following :

  1. Despite my having counterattack, and the enemy dragons getting hit, my dragons’ health still goes away. And that for regular attacks, not ability attacks. The latter is something we’re completely defenceless against because Ludia decided to downgrade the counterattack ability. I don’t know their reasoning, but I know I am not happy about that either.
  2. My dragons don’t get damage when they fire at dragons with active counterattack, no matter the battle.
  3. I haven’t noticed enemy dragons getting stronger after a dragon of mine fires counterattack, but I’ll look into it.

Anyways. The ability needs fixing.

A lot of fixing.

  1. Of course you take damage. It is counter attack not block.
  2. Enemy counter attack has never worked. Will be noticed more in arena
    3 not sure

Well then. It doesn’t damage the enemies who are trying to attack with abilities. As in… blast them back.

I’m not actually certain if that’s intended or not. You know, one of those ‘it’s a feature not a bug’ sort of things? I noticed that as well, but I’ve never been 100% clear on that. Does anyone happen to know if it’s intended to be this way?

The not blasting abilities back is probably intended, albeit ridiculous and impractical. The loss of energy while an active shield is in place, for normal fire attacks, is a bug. Ludia should fix both.