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Countering Spinota


It might be the meta change or that I’m facing 26-28 since I got over 5000, but I lose everytime I encounter a team with one. Any help is appreciated!

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Dilorach is a good counter. So is rinex…both can slow and run.


indo, equal or higher diloracherius, something with ss or decelerating strike. i also like to pin him down with my giga or dioraj. or do what everyone else is doing and swap in the jumborat…

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if only magnapyritor had more health or armor… so not a great counter to it.


Indom was a good counter and sits on the bench at a 20.

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if high enough. mine is 25 but sits on the bench because i find myself dependent on cloak alot.


The crits get rinex and magna pretty much every time. I’m close to getting rinex to a 26 and that may help.


if you use decel as first move with rinex then he will either run or die


tuoramoloch is probably good to


I’m probably just having one of those frustrated moments. 5300 back down to just over 5000. It’s just a game is tough to remember sometimes lol

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I’ve donated most of my tuoji because I hardly ever see any.


Swap in is a thought, but getting to team level is the challenge.


unless the spinota is 27 plus hes probably the least of your worries really. if i remember correctly you have a pretty beefy team. do you have a thor? hes good against it also.


My Spinota counter~


A high level stegocetatops is the best counter for me


Well, from my experience:

Indoraptor if it dodges at least once (75%), Erlidominus (50%), I-Rex if it dodges at least once (75%), Tyrannolophosaurus (kills Spinach no matter what but usually dies with it), Tenontorex (ditto, but can survive), Thoradolosaurus (this one can survive as well), Utarinex, Utahsinraptor (trades like Tyrannolophosaurus), Dracoce-RAT-OP-s (do I need to explain?), Diloracheirus (kills it or trades lives, depending on level), Proceratomimus (kills it no matter what), Touramoloch (guaranteed kill here as well), Monostegotops (usually trades).


i like the thor mind game. IF the lethal wound doesnt crit, you can live an extra turn. spino will either run because he thinks you will ic or commit. so you ic and have another turn depending on hp. i like to gamble and do dsr instead of ic.


My thor is a 27, wish he was drawn every time

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I’m using Tryo. Same level or level higher Tryo survive two hits (with crit hit can be problematic. for same lvl Tryo). Only problem is that Dracocera can finish Tryo.

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My 22 toura always wins against higher level spinotas, if it gets the stun, which it always does.

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