Countering swappers


Lately, the people I’ve been battling have been all swappers (bring in indo first, cloak then swap). Then the next dinosaur they swap as well. I’m not getting many turns in and by the time I can “kill” their dinosaur they just swap again to use stun etc.

I’ve rarely been getting my stegodeus as well in the RNG and he is my top fighter.


You get an extra turn to hit when they are using swap. If you come up against a swapper try using you max power attack even if a lower powered attack would kill the dino. You may get a nice hit on the dino swapping in.


Pinning Strike + Sucker Punch :laughing:

No seriously, they are super annoying. I’ve faced a few, and most of the time I stay the course, which throws them off as well, lol.


@Angela_Flynn, I’m really liking the Pin Lock which pins two turns. Even if my dino doesn’t survive the lock does. Can choose next in to sustain Pin or deliver a strong blow.


Do you mind my asking what arena you’re in? I’m in 7, Sorna Marshes, and feel like if you do not swap to the dino best used for that battle, you’re dead. I always have the Kenny Roger’s song, The Gambler, playing in my head during these battles…

“You got to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em. Know when to walk away, and know when to run…” :grin:

I was not a swapper until I got to this arena and I learned quick enough that if I want to stay here and climb up more, I have to swap them around to get my wins in.


I average 4500-4600 trophies.


Yeah, then you should probably have already encountered this a lot. If not, consider yourself lucky! LOL I do agree with you about the incessant swappers. Hit. Swap. Hit, swap. I don’t know how that’s a strategy but if they’re up here for us to battle, then it must be working for them. :wink:


Idk, it just seems ever since Ludia is bailing out on banning spoofers / cheaters they’ve come out of the woodwork with their level 25+ legendaries and uniques ontop of spam swapping their precious assets. Shrug


@Lottie, I’ve gotten to 5 so far. Maybe that’s needed in in 7 but when high level players drop to lower levels and don’t adjust tactics and team’s to them, those in the lower levels can get beat to death or find ways to even the field. Is the expectation that when a clearly superior team and play style appear then those in lower levels just give up the match? That’s even more of an Issue when they get good and ready to go back up. Any match I’m in has the intent to further my progress. When I reach 7 and swapping is the norm I’ll do that. Until then I’m working on surprises for those who want to run roughshod over weaker players. Will probably still loose but I’ll learn from it as well as taking their unbeatable teams and reducing the active members as much as I can.


I love surprises. Like pulling a nicely leveled up Tany on an Irex. Bye bye cloak. That’s my favorite surprise. :blush:

I do hate the level droppers that beat down on their opponents just because they have a roster full of legendaries and uniques. It is very frustrating and I’d say more but I’d get censored. I liken those guys to Eric Cartman. LOL

Indominus Rex is not fair!

@Lottie, lol, it’s a Wonder to me that they drop much at all if they don’t adjust their team. But I don’t get to keep track of their progress in either direction. It’s a known strategy that must be dealt with match by match. Personally I like playing against a superior team and player. I have friends for that as well. Get to learn all kind of things that never occurred to me.


How are you using a Tany? What level.


She’s a 17. I use her as my ‘what the heck was that?’ counter. Nullifying and fast with a nice damage rate. She’s killed over a dozen Irex so she gets to stay in the lineup for now.


How about the Monolop?


Maybe. I have it just don’t use it. I don’t know why really, but I just don’t really like it. It gets on my nerves. LOL