Countering the 2.2 Tyrants

This list was at the request of @real_gambler .

We just finished the Gamepress tier list not that long ago, and there are some creatures that stand out as being far superior to others, some more than others. But just because creature A is a tier or 3 above creature B, doesn’t mean B can go toe to toe with A and never come out on top. So, I’m going to go through and give a list of the tyrants and high elites and the ways to beat them.

First are the 2 big bad boys: ceramagnus and hadros lux. If you see these 2, pray. Pray really hard. They only have about 10 counters COMBINED, and some of them are the same creature. Those 2 are mammolania and grypolyth. These 2 can tank and regen while the apexes cannot break shields or pierce armor, but these 2 will still take a beating and a half. For hadros, another option is geminititan while ceramagnus could be fought with monolorhino

Geminititan is still a powerhouse, and still is a terror, but it is manageable. Creatures like marsupial lion or carnotarkus are going to make quick work of it. Thylacotator and grypolyth are good boosted options for gemini as well.

Tenontorex has massive output with 1900 and the ability to regenerate. But it suffers from a big issue: the hp tier it sits at. 4500 is a dangerous game, especially without deceleration resistance. Diplodocus can easy take care of tenontorex. Brontolasmus can do the same. Sarcorixis can do the trick as long as tenontorex doesn’t crit on a rampage.

Trykosaurus is a staple of arena teams and always will be. With big damage and good bulk, there’s a reason why it has been around for ages. Thylacotator and marsupial lion will take it down easy. Tryostronyx and baryonyx can also do the trick as well. Your fierce creatures immune to decel do quite well

Next is the creature no one expected to be tyrant: erlikospyx. Spyx is not something to take lightly. 6000 in 2 turns on a revenge is really strong, and it has good stats across the board. But being a cunning creature, armor and shields will make short work of it. That tiny terror glyptodon can make short work of it, but a more reasonable counter will be creatures like stegodeus or brontolasmus. And for spyx, cunning creatures can also mess it up, namely quetzorion and erlidom, being faster and immune to distraction as well.

For the other cunning on the list, we look at magnapyritor. Mags is a good all-rounder. Take advantage of its lower hp and 128 speed tier. Not that it can also be distracted, velociraptor can actually win 80% of the time. But a more reasonable creature would be erlidom or erlikogamma. Really any faster cunning like this, or one that can speed up like spyx, is going to do the trick

Next up is the shielding wall that is diorajasaurus. Great output, amazing bulk, and a creature that can be used as a swapper, dio has the tools to be a powerhouse. Make sure you can break through those shields, or get around them. Again, your thylac and marsupial Lion will come in handy here. Andrewsarchus can do pretty well too, especially with no escape. Secondontosaurus can do pretty well too.

Next up is the tanky mammolania. Mammolania has gone from attack-oriented to defense-oriented in 2.0. Piercieng armor is a must. Marsupial Lion is going to save the day once again here. Mammolania is deadly to slower creatures with hp below 4500, and this includes many chompers. Allosinosaurus, unlike its superhybrid, can also take on mammolania, as can Acrocanthosaurus thanks to its 4800 hp. Shielders that can bypass armor like purrolyth can also come in handy a lot too.

Finally, we end on the swapper monolorhino. Monolorhino does have pretty decent matchups on the field (like ceramagnus), and can be quite dangerous. Creatures that can slow it down and bypass its shields will work wonders. Creatures include diplovenator, who cannot be distracted, bypass its shields, or stunned on a swap can put a dent into it. Ardontosaurus can also really screw with it. Finally, the creatures with on escape moves and no escape really hurt it as they mess with its swapping game. While it cannot be pinned, the creatures swapping into it can be pinned. And your on escape creatures like Titanoboa can do major damage if they predict your rhino swap, so be careful.

I hope this list helps everyone with the tyrants. If you want a High Elite list, just let me know and I will do that in a separate post.


I rather like this list, especially for Hadros and Magnus.

Lania is a bit of an issue, still, given it’s ridiculous bulk (and all the more reason why Entelolania needs some serious help), but yeah, things with shield breaks and piercing moves will definitely kill it quick.

Mags as well is an issue, as you can literally just boost it away from its weaknesses.

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No one will have Magnus in 2.2, not even 2.3 most likely. The tier list might be different by the time you can finally put it in your line up :slight_smile:

Not really. Mags can be hard to boost. You focus speed and attack, creatures like maxima and gemini can make easy work of it. Attack and hp will be shredded by faster speedsters like quetz, spyx, and other mags. An hp and speed oriented mags will lose to creatures like trykp and dio. Mags is a dangerous one to boost. I also agree that entelolania needs some serious help. If it becomes more raid-oriented, then I’m quite alright, as it then has a good niche like turomoloch or irritator. It just kinda stinks in both areas

Big thank you for your insight… Scary that many of those top dinos are countered by Rare dinos instead of other higher level dinos… (Marsup Lion?) As I said though, this type of list should be posted in Gamepress, otherwise this valuable info will soon be lost in this forum. I was currently deciding which next dinos I would work on. You totally made me change my mind. I’m now going back to a dino I had on my team for a while, totally hated it, but you convinced me to give it a second try (and likely work on leveling it up more now). If you ever do the same for the Elite dinos, you should really glue the list with this one and post in on Gamepress where it will be easier to find as I think we could always go back to.

True, but even still, based on how they handled hadros back in 2.2 by buffing it, you never know what Ludia is doing. But if there aren’t too many dramatic shifts, then magnus will still be a terrifying threat

Let’s hope so, otherwise it will be a big disappointment when you finally get it after working so hard for it.

MarLo is turning out to be quite the useful creature…might have to switch out Thyla, in all honesty.

Marsupial Lion has crazy good matchups with the tyrants and high elites. It does better with them than most of the other mid elites like the indoms, thor, acrocanthops, and erlidom. People really underestimate it.

As for Gamepress posting, I am not part of the team. I just helped with the list. If any of them see this and want to post it, they are free to do so

I wouldn’t. Thylacotator does just as well as it, but has a swap-in and can take creatures down with it if it doesn’t win (like reducing ceramagnus to almost 0). It also can slow and cleanse distraction.

I guess they will not really touch the apexes. They are just so hard to make that they will not be touched. So mortem, ceramagnus, and hadros probably will be the same in the next patches with very slight tweaks

That’s fair.

Cripes, there really is a lot of stuff to consider.

Then you also have to take boosting into account. Thylacotator’s extra hp will only be increased as you really should do max hp with these 2

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Still thinking they have to touch Mortem! :slight_smile: It doesn’t feel like an Apex. In fact, in your actual Countering list, it doesn’t counter any of the tyrants. Mortem feel more like a Unique than an Apex. I’m thinking probably just a tiny tweak in one of his resistances… But hey, maybe if you come up with part 2 (counters for the High Elites) it will show up more often as a counter for those dinos, deserving a spot in the High Elites himself in my eyes…

Oh, I just left it out as it’s not really accessible compared to something like tryostronyx… It still beats your dio and tryko and that stuff, but it is a pain to get. As for mortem, I think it actually is fine, but that’s because it isn’t supposed to be an arena creature really. It is supposed to be a RAID creature. It is the raid posterchild, had raid tools, and fits in many raids

That’s what I was truly hoping, basically replacing Thor which was in every raid recipes before they changed it, but Mortem need to be boosted a lot, otherwise it’s simply used to break shields while a Maxima, Gemini or something else has to finish the job (While Thor could often take care of the sbires by himself)… Currently, I find it pretty much only useful in the Hadros raids, but again it’s far from mandatory… There’s many way to do Hadros without… But who knows. I always said that Gemini should have been the tower designed for raids while Maxima was (or should have been) the arena champ. But guess what, with CeraMagnus, Gemini is finally/suddenly a most wanted raid dino…

After calculations and looking at the notes, these creatures will still remain tyrant most likely (the only one touched was rhino, and it can still kill ceramagnus and is still a monster). The new creatures do not look tyrant material, apart from MAYBE gorgotrabex

I think Thor is now better than Mortem :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Kidding, still think Mortem is ranked too high, but luckily it’s still better than Thor.

Mortem actually got buffed a wee bit with the nerf to quetzorion

I guess, good point!