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Counterpart matches?

Is it true that we can’t match with a character if we have already matched their counterpart? Even if we unmatch one? For example the new Emerson. I’m not into women so I had only matched Sage to read her story, but it was still in progress when I saw that he came out. Then there’s Keanu who I matched with before realizing his counterpart was Blake who I prefer. I don’t know if I ever started talking to Keanu. I know you can create a new account but I purchased diamonds and really don’t want to lose those. I could make a second account but I really don’t want to have to log back and forth between the two.


Yes. Unfortunately you get locked in that conversation and support says they CAN’T (-cough- won’t -cough-) unlock us from it


Yeah. I have been matched with Jamie Grant for ages now and I really enjoy the story but would love it more if he was a she. Now, after months, they release Julia Green and I can’t match with her because I’m with Jamie :no_mouth:

Hence my post about the ability to reset a match at the cost of gems so you can match with a counterpart instead

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I desperately want the option to change your counterpart. I accidentally matched with Vitoria but I really like Emerson. :sob:


How do you restart or create a second account?