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I’ve been thinking about the counterparts and there’s a couple of things I wonder about, that could improve the system.

I think someone said it on this forum before, but if the counterpart you aren’t matched with was then removed from the list of characters it would improve your chances of finding other matches because you don’t have to keep swiping on a character you can never match with.

Secondly, and this is my main idea. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to me that two counterparts are the same gender. I think it would make more sense if you had two characters with the same or similar story arcs but one was male and one was female. This way you get to choose the counterpart you’d be most interested in (in my case I’m only really interested in the female characters) so it wouldn’t matter to me that the male counterpart is gone.

For example, Emmalyn’s counterpart, in my scenario, would be a male vegan animal rights activist called, I dunno, Angelo! I’m into Emmalyn so wouldn’t feel bummed about missing out on Angelo.

It seems fairer this way and then players who are into girls and players who are into boys each get a fair crack of the whip.

What do you guys think?


I’d be down for this. Even in the case like Marco/Tyler, since the dev team seems to want to encourage LGB+ relationships (at least to some extent) with the vagueness in most cases about the genders of character’s past partners, it could still work as it would be fine for the female counterpart to be engaged to Sally since I don’t get the impression the dev team wants us to feel like every character has only had partners of the opposite gender as themselves.

While I like the option of picking which of the female or male characters I prefer more for a given storyline, I’m also fine forging having that option in favor of each storyline having at least one male and one female character sharing it. Some stories could be more fun with a different gender character simply based on preference alone.

I also like the idea of counterparts disappearing since then it clutters the profile pool of people you can swipe for/away as it doesn’t matter if you liked them as well since now they’re impossible to match with once you start the story beyond the initial message of greeting from them.

That said, I don’t know if it’s actually feasible since it means the CGs would have to be altered more than they are with a different head and skin color (when applicable) because the male and female characters’s body types would differ so it would be more work for the artists, and it seems that the same-gender sharing a storyline is to minimize the workload. But I do like your idea a lot nonetheless.


Hi. I am a new user of the game Lovelink and then realized that I could use the wikia if I needed help so I was wondering: If I unmatch with Jaden Bower, could I match with Skylar Quinn if I swipe right or there is no going back?

If you have already starting talking to a match, you can’t unmatched and start talking to the counterpart.
Since you’re new to the game, there is a private facebook group called Lovelink interactive game. You will find it useful. Plus it is fun just discussing the game.

Eff. That makes me want to start over. I feel like I have nothing to lose but Skylar :joy::joy: But thank you! I will join it! ^^

The only way to change the counterpart is if you match with them, but do NOT select any response to either whatever they initially say automatically or to initiate a conversation. Immediately unmatch with them and then when you swipe right on the counterpart that you want you’ll be able to match with and talk to them.

@Karla_Gonzales, also tagging you here as well so you’ll know for future reference as it goes with what you said in a different thread!

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If it’s just the pictures you’re into you can usually find them on fandom. The stories are always the same, so it’s literally the same experience, regardless of which name you match with.

Can I match a counterpart while one has the little timer thing going?

Yep. As long as that 24 hour timer is going it means you’re still safe to unmatch and pick a counterpart instead since you haven’t progressed with the conversation at all.