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Counterpick #1 - Indoraptor Gen2

Hi there, i’ve been here for a long time, and i’d like top introduce a format of mine. The goal is to find out the best ways to deal with given threats.
To do so, i’ll give some counters, mentionned as Optimal (Ignoring any accibility restriction), Classic (Excluding event-exclusive dinos, listed here), and Cheap (Excluding event-exclusive, incubator-exclusive and higher rarity than epic). Of course, i’ll prefer going over one of each to target every group of player and allow everyone to get over their biggest problems matchup-wise.
To do so, i’ll refer to the matchup’s winrate according to metahub’s dinodex while elaborating on the dino itself.
Without more wait, let’s dive in !

Indo G2

INDORAPTOR GEN2 - Legendary Superhybrid.
Components: Trex Gen2 + Echo + Blue

  • Attack: 1400
  • HP: 3900
  • Speed: 128
  • Crit: 20%
  • Armor: 0


Cautious Strike : x1dmg ignoring evasion, +10%speed for 1 turn, dodge for 1 turn, 50% dmg reduction for 1 turn.
Mutual Fury: Cleanse, +50%dmg for 2 turns and 1 turn for the opponent, +10%speed for 2 turns.
Defense Shattering Rampage: 2xdmg ignoring armor, destroys shields.
Evasive Stance: dodge for 3 turns.

So we immediatly notice something out of this movepool : it has almost everything in it. This includes evasion, distraction, speedup, anti-evasive only on his basic attack. And of course, ferocity and DSR are still big things to be afraid of.
And looking at things like that, it could seem invincible. Yet, some creatures have the chance to win fights against him.

Optimal counter : Geminititan - Winrate : 99%*

Geminititan is quite the easy solution : countering the broken dino with an even more broken dino. All the Gemini needs to do to win this fight is to throw his Decelerating Rampage, after what he can use either Nullifiying Strike or Definite Shield Advantage, his version of cautious strike, to wipe him out. Gemini’s main problem is his insanely rare component in diplodocus, as merely a handful of top players actually unlocked this abomination of a dinosaur.
However, if you have him in your team, he’s basically a wall of bricks to Indo G2. And to every single dino. And the wall punches you in the face.

Edit : Like it was pointed by @Detonatress, There is a case in which Indoraptor G2 can win : Cautious Strike > Mutual Fury > DSR Crit. Which is why Gemini’s WR isn’t exactly 100%
Classic counter : Ardontosaurus - Winrate : 100%
Ardonto is probably an option owned by much more players. Thanks to its Immunity, Decelerating Impact and Definite Strike, Indoraptor G2 will struggle to even keep its Evasive Stance up. The most common way to win this is by doing Definite Strike/Decelerating Impact > Defense Shattering Rampage, assuming the opponent does Cautious Strike > DSR.
Plus, Mutual fury and Evasive Stance won’t help Indo G2 at all, Ardonto having tools to abuse these two skills.
And if you’re high level enough, you might also call Ardonto’s big sister : Ardentismaxima.

Cheap counter : Suchotator - Winrate : 67%

Yes. Suchotator actually has the upper hand against Indoraptor G2. Sucho having a DoT really makes this matchup positive, forcing the Indo G2 to burn his Mutual Fury to remove your Lethal Wound. All you have to do now is to predict it and answer with Superiority Strike into Nullifying impact.
But in comparison to Gemini and Ardonto, you’re not guaranteed to win. Why ? Because Indoraptor G2 can do Mutual Fury > DSR to deal a good 4200 damage and kill you before you do. And if it crits, Suchotator is pretty much dead. Even if it doesn’t, Sucho gets chunked for 90% of his health.
But as a lot of players are not aware of this combo, in the end it comes down to the game knowledge of the player using Indoraptor Gen2.
And even in the case he’s aware of this combo, he will very likely have to let his Indoraptor G2 die. So if you die, either he’s forced to switch or to let him die.

That’s it for the first edition of Counterpick. I’ll probably do other guides on a more or less regular basis. And i would like to know who would you like to see next.

  • Ardentismaxima
  • Entelemoth
  • Erlidominus
  • Geminititan
  • Grypolyth
  • Indominus Rex G2
  • Magnapyritor
  • Mammotherium
  • Phorusaura
  • Procerathomimus
  • Quetzorion
  • Trykosaurus

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You know that snake hybrid coming out tomorrow is supposed to be a decent counter for indo gen 2

Had to check what it did, and according to the presentation, he actually looks quite promising. May be limited by accesibility of Titanoboa G2, but we’ll need to see what people can pull out to see if it ends up as a hard counter or a soft counter.

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Question: does Gemini truly 100% win against IndoG2, even when it goes for Mutual Fury 2nd turn?

You forgot carnotarkus as a counter. Probably classic

Given the fact that Mutual fury isn’t a priority, and Gemini’s HP being skyhigh, it’s very likely that the turn spent by not attacking AND the slow given by a Decelerating rampage prevents Indoraptor G2 from fully benefiting of his Mutual Fury, and to a further extent, prevents him from winning the 1v1. He might win if Gemini straight-up trolls by doing instant distract, for example, but esle i don’t see how Indo can win.

Actually, Indo G2 can do Mutual Fury Into DSR and straight-up oneshot him.
There’s nothing Carno can do here, indo being immune to distractions, and Mutual Fury removing the slows, Carno would likely lose this, being privated of his rending counter.

This may be due to difference in boosts, but for me it usually goes like:
IndoG2: CS
Gemini: uses Decel Rampage, delivers something around 500 damage, everything else absorbed by dodge.
IndoG2: Goes MF.
Gemini: delivers definite shield advantage impact.
IndoG2: Is still there, now cleansed of slow, rampages Gemini.
IndoG2 wins.

I use Carnotarkus and have never experienced that scenario.

Players who use Indo G2 seem to forget MF exists and just spam cautious

I’m talking about both being level 26 unboosted. So effectively, boosts might twist the matchup around.

So Gem would survive Turn 3 buffed rampage normally in that scenario?

Exactly. The fact that they forget they can survive Rampage + basic attack to set themselves up in order to go for the Instakill cancels the whole thinking process. But i assure you that if the person was aware of its existence, he would do with it no hesitation.

1400 from the CS + 4200 form the boosted DSR = 5600.
So yes, even if he’s almost dead, Gemini can tank. Except if Indo G2 Crits on its DSR, case in which, effectively, he wins.
Didn’t thought about it. Good job, you found a winning combo. Guess i’ll mention it.

Edit : all done !

I go for sheild advantage and then rampage

Tried that, got hit by both CS and Rampage, which leaves Gemini with low HP (unless IndoG2 crits, in which case it tends to kill me since I have no hp boosts on Gem yet).

You DSA first, then deccel then DSA again. Guaranteed kill.


This assuming I have sufficient HP to survive CS + rampage, with one or 2 crits from IndoG2.

Unless your Gemini is criminally underleveled and unboosted and you’re fighting an unusually high boosted IndoG2, it should survive. Mine is 25 with enough health boosts for 6k health exactly and can take a CS + DSR from an indog2 with up to 1.9k attack.

Mine has 0 hp boosts lvl 25, 2 tiers in attack. The IndoG2s I fight usually have anywhere between 1300 and 1500 attack, not sure about HP. Most of the indos are lvl 25-28.

Uniques: Max, Gem, Lania (even with that DR nerf), Erlidom is dependent, Quetz is a guessing game, I think Constrictor can still beat a IG2

Legendary: Ardont, Tarkus (If IG2 uses ES and you PR which does happen sometimes in legendary tourneys), Kerato, Mammotherium if lucky, Spinonyx.

Epic: Indom G2, Titanoboa

Rare: Suchotator

This may blow everyone’s mind but there is actually a common that can stand up to the indoraptor gen 2, I’m not going to say it, take a gues! :wink: