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Counters for hadro lux?

Any ideas on some uniques that counter lux?

Armored healers with good damage like Mammolania and Entelolania

Or really anything with good armor and high health


Mammolania, Grypolyth, Entelolania, Skoonasaurus, Diorajasaur


I find gypolyth to be best as it also prevents him from escaping, but beware there are some pretty big luxs out there that can still overcome him, but as what Robbiejordan said.there amongst the best .


Both Lanias, Skoona, Dio, Gemini, and if you factor boosts then Grypo, Mortem (although barely) and maybe Max if boosted right


10 c

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Lania, Mortem Rex, Thor (somewhat) diorajasaur, magna and antarctovenator and grypolyth

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Become the Lux! :joy:

Skoona, mammolania, entelolania, and probably some compycalus builds

Lux can actually beat grypo if played right, and it’s only going to get easier as they hit 29/30.


If i see a Hadros i swap into my testacornibus, yes they get a free hit off on me but i still manage to kill most of them

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thor if boosted well

though it wont work well usually

Counter for hadros ??? Another stronger and faster hadros :joy:

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Anything that can one hit it into swap in range

I actually run a stygidaryx, and I find that using a swoop (usually cleansing since it’s ready t1) and then using a hard hitting move from the Dino swapped into (as long as geh is down) works very well. Most effective way I’ve dealt with Lux personally

Looking at battle simulator, a fully boosted hadro, doesn’t seem to have any counters. Putting it against various grypo, skoona, mammolania, scorp 3. None of them seem to have a realistic shot.

Diorajasaur does, fully boosted Diorajasaur defeats it

Grypolyth it is pretty good against it

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antarctovenator, thyla, grypolyth, dioraja and a boosted gemini