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Counters for Indoraptor G2 post 1.11 update?

I guess it depends on how your Carno was boosted and was it fighting against boosted IG2s.
I think a heavy health boosted Carno would beat an IG2.

Might come down to that first counter attack and wether evasive is up or if it hits thru evasive

Carno does counter both indos well. The counter is normally decent with cautious strike then hit it with precise rampage

Geminititan will still beat it. Decel and nullify.
Maximas previous version Ardontosaurus with nullify will also beat it. Ardontosaurus is easily a high apex creature in it’s own right. I can imagine some teams carrying it as well.

Dinosaurs with Superior Strike and some high damage output like.
Carnotarkus should win sup strike precise rampage. High health boost
Tenontorex sup strike twice. High health boost Third attack Hadoken.
Diorajsaur Sup strike twice High Damage boost
Thylocator sup strike twice. High health boost Third attack Rend

I ran the numbers on Dio and Carno and they don’t last long enough to win. Indo gets slowed, but unless you crit, Indo can just CS, CS, and then rampage and you’re dead.

No it won’t. Nullifying Rampage, remember? I explained it in my previous post.
As long as Indo loses priority to nullifying Rampage, Quetzo always wins.

Thus, by extension, Quetzo wouldn’t win 100% of the time. There is one way for Indo to counter Quetzo’s Long Invincibility: Evasive Stance. Like I said, if Indo speeds up, then loses priority to NR, it’s as good as dead. So the only way for it to even stand a chance, is if it uses its only non-speed-up move, which is Evasive Stance.
That would allow Indo to use Mutual Fury after being hit by NR, gaining priority and not wasting the attack buff. From here on out it’s mind games, and either could win.

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It won’t lose priority. Quetz would have used Invincibility and Sidestep. If Indo uses MF and CS on the second turn it will still be faster (two speed ups)

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Yeah, you’re right. I forgot that NR wouldn’t be the logical move in that situation, mind games aside. MF on the first turn gives Indo the best chance at success against LI. Mind games it is then.

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Dunno why the hell they had to give evasion bypass to CS. If they didn’t, Indo2 would still be freaking strong but less OP… At least other dodgers would have more chances to beat it

This change was done in order to give players a choice. To guarantee that Indoraptor GEN2’s attack targets precisely, use the Cautious Strike!

Oh really? What about Indo1 and so many others that don’t have any freaking choice to hit through evasions?? Let alone a choice that also speeds up, distracts, cleanses and evades? Why does only Indo2 gets this kind of love? Such BS…