Counters for Megalogina in the tournament

I want to know what are the best counters are going to be for the newest members on the epic hybrid scene: MEGALOGINA

  • Procerathomimus
  • Purutaurus
  • Indominus Rex gen2
  • Postimertodon
  • Erlikogamma
  • Nodopatosaurus
  • Sarcorxis
  • Schapotator
  • Spinotahraptor
  • Stegoceratops
  • Amargocephlus
  • Brontolamus
  • Gorgosuchus
  • Dimodactylus
  • Edmontoguandon
  • Thylacotator

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Discuss your top three predictions below:

I really have no idea yet but Posti seems like somewhat of a threat.


I think those four have the best shot as reliable counters

The thing with posit is it’s got no rampage but it does have regeneration which I think will help alot

Shield breaks and immune to the decel is all I thought about. I have no idea yet though.

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I’m honestly guessing but I wish to know like people predictions since I don’t have it I love to know how to kill it

True but it has dig in

I have it but 0 tests with it yet. Posti is faster can’t be slowed and can break the shield. There may be a better one but it’s my instant thought. Kind of like seco is carbos nightmare lol. Just first thought here.

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Ya I was also thinking gorgo the problem is it’s slower and I don’t think can survive decelerating impact plus counter and then a strike; but again that’s also my initial thoughts

Right gorgo isn’t immune and the dig in with counter might be the difference. But I’m in no state to really say. Posti has to be my guess we will see soon. Hopefully see some other thoughts here.

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Ya hopefully @Piere87 will assist us with her epic hybrids like chart thing I forget the name sorry Piere


Lol although it would be nice for a vote :ballot_box:

Thyla has rending takedown and lethal wound. It will get past those shields.

Postimetrodon has ferocious Strike and defence Shattering. No slowing or shielding for posti.

Brontolasmus has always been great in these tournaments. Definite Rampage would be great.

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True and it has shields also thyla has dodge

I chose these dinos.

Purutarus - Every attack prompts a rending counter attack, which breaks shields, and the enemy can’t escape thanks to No Escape. Megalogia can’t break shields, so Tarus is good against her once shields are up. A solid hybrid to deal with a shield user.

Edmontoguanodon - Can use Nullifying Impact, then the Rampage, then the Nullifying Impact again before just yeeting itself with the Regen ‘n’ Run. It can give Megalogia a run for her money.

Yoshi - I mean, must I say anything? She can dance with Tryko for freak’s sake. Megalogia is totally gonna struggle. But I must say, that counter attack will chip that health down, despite the Evasive being put up.

Thylaco - Bleed and Rend will really wear Megalogia down. The Dig In can only be used once every two turns, and even when the Shield gets put up, there’s a Rending Takedown for her.

Brontolasmus. Rending attacks and Definite Rampages on fleek. She don’t care about being faster than Megalogia. And a shield for herself if needed. A solid tank to deal with the likes of Megalogia.

Indominus G2 - A Cloak/Definite Strike combo will help with the health and shields. One can spam it all day and not worry about being blocked by a Shield. However, I wouldn’t really rely on that all the time. I mean, those counter attacks will also wear down the large hybrid. It will always be slower than Megalogia, so Mutual Fury wouldn’t help none.

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Anything that can break through shields with somewhat high damage will kill it within 2 turns. Anything else will probably take a few more turns to get its health down. I don’t even think it’s going to require more than 2 creatures if you draw a bad hand.

Yep! I already have the Sims and will have the article out tomorrow :grin:

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Definitely kicks major butt. I used it on s strike tower and it single handedly took out all the dinos itself. I may actually try to level this one so I can put it on my team.

Bronto proved effective (at most things) in a batch of friendlies I played.

Thylacotator, brontolasmus, purutaurus, Indom g2 and procerathomimus will be key, you want to go for lethal wound T1 with thylaco and then RT, and then swap in stegoceras? If your lucky you can get two crits on megalogaia which I think you can kill megalogaia if you can get two crits. Procerathomimus, you want to ES or ID, (I recommend ES) since they will likely go for SDS, after you went for ES or ID, DR, and then keep hitting it will null strike and hope you will whiver it out, distraction worn off? Id and then DR again, brontolasmus you can just go for LDS T1 and then RS and then DR, still alive after using the three turns? Swap in stegocera if you have it! Indom g2 your gonna want to go for cloak and then go for a massive DS and then finish it off with a stegocera swap in. Purutaurus is a bit of a guessing game, ID T1, now here is the guessing game, if you think they will go for DI or B go for long p, if you think they will go for SDS go for PR, though I highly recommend using long P since you can have a shield to survive longer and can keep hitting it with GRC.
Gorgosuchus can if set up but you need to be aware that it has 1801 HP or more to survive a DI from megalogaia.