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Counters for popular creatures

What counters do you use for the creatures that are in every match, proc, indo 2, arden, trying to limit the fun the people that use these creatures have

I like forcing them to use their rampage on a indo 2 rather than cautious strk 20 times


Unique: Maxima, Dio, Lania, Gemini

Legendary: Ardont, Tarkus, Kerato, Mammotherium

Epic: Procerathomimus, Majboa, Megalogaia, Carbonemys, Entelochops, Indom G2

Rare: Ankylocodon, Purrolyth

Common: None


Unique: Max, Gemini, Lania, Constrictor

Legendary: Ardont, Kerato

Epic: Procerath, Titanoboa, Indom G2 (Really want Gamma to get immune to distraction)

Rare: Suchotator

Common: Ophiacodon


Unique: Max, Gem, Grypolyth, Lania, Tryko

Legendary: Alloraptor, Moth

Epic: N/A

Rare: Marsupial Lion

Common: Ophiacodon


Actually, alloraptor loses to maxima without a crit. Entelemoth has a 49% chanceof beating maxima (unless it predicts a decel rampage. Mammotherium is a decent legendary counter to maxima. The best though is tryostronix

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Does marsupial always wins vs máxima?

Never mind, i think it needs the crit

If marsupial lion does not get a crit turn 1, then it can go prowl and have a 75% chance to dodge the rampage, then it will win

Does this happens against Gem as well?

You’re still taking on this elitist perspective despite you using creatures that are just as common, powerful and obnoxious? You use tryko, nemys, thor and indo for the love of everything. Hop off your high horse and stop trying to convince yourself you’re a better player for setting arbitrary restrictions for yourself. You’re not, and if anything you’re worse because you beg others to be worse at the game for your benefit because you’re not willing to improve.

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Keep cautious striking and distracting rampage

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I don’t use Indog2 or Procerathomimus, I think you know this but just forgot, like you forgot that the world doesn’t revolve around you.

I’ll shoot you a thumbs up if I see you and your very unique and unconventional team of Thor Indo tryko Nemys in the arena. I’ll be able to tell it’s you right away I’m sure.

They’re not even very difficult to beat, lol. No wonder you’re so toxic. Your very different team can’t even handle the most basic meta threats, so you resort to begging.

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I personally find Carnotarkus a good counter for Indo Gen2

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A boosted one maybe. But unless tarkus hits through evasive twice on turn 1, it loses at standard stats

Just played someone with indo gen 2 and rat, that was an annoying match

How few true counters IndoG2 is should show how OP it is. Take away definite from Cautious Strike and at least things like IndoG1, Erlidom, Indom have a better chance against it.

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As for ProRAT, it’s easily the strongest epic in the game. I, like many others, believe it should be nerfed hard. Replace nullifying strike with evasive strike and distracting rampage with distracting impact and it would be fine.

There are a bunch of indo gen 2 counters like maxima, gemini, porkus, and procerath. And, when sped up, magna is another counter to indo gen 2. It’s not OP

I know IG2 and I know the counters. So don’t try to argue with me. Let me explain:
Maxima: Maxima is a really good creature to counter IG2, it can tank a CS + Boosted DSR from Ig2, first you go with DS, then Decel impact, and then DSR (same concept as ardont)
Gemini: You first DSA, then DR, then DSA again
Lania is simple, PFS and then DR, it is a 100% counter since it can tank a CS and then a DSR with immune to distraction.
Kerato, you go for LW and then go for DR to kill off a IG2, it can aswell tank a CS and DSR
Procerath, you first ES, then Null Strike and then DR and then NS again, the only way IG2 can win against Procerath is if it can hit fully on her DSR
IndoMG2, you first DS, then cloak and then DS again, it can take on 3 CS or a Cs and a rampage
Titanoboa you go for PR and then Decel impact and the Pr again, like I said, can take a 3x
Suchotator can just LW, then SS, then Null impact, can take a 3X
Ophiacodon you be surprised in since IG2 is one of the strongest legendaries and Ophiacodon is just a common, so how does a common win against one of the OP creatures you may wonder? It’s not on skill, but on RNG. Ophia can tank a 3X from Ig2 thanks for that slight 90 HP. Ophia would need to be extremely lucky when facing a IG2, needing to hit through twice with DSS and APR from that CS dodge.


No. Indom gen 2 is stronger. In the epic skill tournament, it can beat everything without relying on a critical hit. MF makes it busted. This thing wrecks more than procerath ever could

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