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Counters for tryko and maxima

As you probably already know, tryko and maxima are the new meta’s for 2.0, soooooo yeah, found some counters. Thylo. Thylo is the other broken creature in this update with maiming wound and rending takedown which means you got a guaranteed ko on tryko and maxima. Th other counter that I found is the spinotah, Draco counter. what you do with tis is basically do your lethal wound and swoop with spinotah and then swoop will hopefully swap you into Draco and then you kill it with swap in savagery.

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You do know thyla is one of the most balanced creatures this update right?


It needs boosts, but purrolyth could work. Hp to attack ratio of 3:1

true EIEduardo.

Purrolyth kills that too

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Lol so ya thylA is very broken.


But seriously alloraptor, marsupial and thyla are the three for sure counter that don’t need boosts.

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Grypolyth was never a for-sure counter, but it was everywhere in the battle arena due to the boosting strategy. Purrolyth could become the new grypolyth

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A random player : Max and Tryko are way too broken I need a counter to them

M.Rex and Thyla : Let us introduce ourselves


True but couldn’t ya just use grypo again?

Stuff that can’t be slowed like Magna are helpful to Chip Away at Maxima. It definitely would be a Revenge kill with my second Dino though



Purrolyth becomes very strong in this update sure

But his regen move has 3 turns cooldown, for Grypo it’s only 2 turns also it has Immobilize to stall which could be very useful if the creature isn’t resistant to stun

Also it a cleansing strike which is perfect to counter bleeders and distracters and an immunity to stun which Purro doesn’t have

Purro got better sure but personally I’d rather to grind on Grypo

And I respond to the wrong person :woman_facepalming:

I haven’t seen maybe people talking about it, but I’ve had a couple people use megalosuchus as a decent counter to Maxima, even though it seems more geared towards raids.

In general, I’m noticing that most of the best counters are immune to deceleration. So what if they gave fierce moves the ability to cleanse deceleration to allow some chompers to stay faster than resilients more often?

Grypo has more hp, but purrolyth does more damage, and with the ferocious buff, can regenerate more. If the hp to attack ratio is 3:1, then it can regenerate ALL of its hp. Grypo is limited to its attack times 1.5. Purro is x3

I was really vocal many times, since the reset was announced (beginning of june) that Maxima would be a huge problem after the reset. Wish I would not have been so right… Well, pretty sure I’ll be right again by saying that Maxima will be nerfed shortly… Guess how many top 50 players are using it right now??? Yep, all 50 of them… To give you a better idea, most of those players had Gemini in their teams BEFORE the reset… Now, only 11 players have Gemini… Now, to answer your question, there’s not that many counters for it, and sure enough 17 already have Thyla in their teams (I guess the other are simply leveling it up as we speak, so I suspect it will be a much higher number soon!.. Grypo is in only 12… (I would have expected much higher…) So best counter is still a higher Maxima :slight_smile:

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No. It’s Thylac. It’s a 100% win if it can take a rampage crit

what about allo g2.

My current team is: Thoradolosaur, Indoraptor, Diloracheirus, Stygidaryx, Tryko, Maxima, Diorajasaur, and Spinoconstrictor.

Spinoconstrictor is one of the newer additions to my team, but I find that she works quite well against Maxima in battle, all things considering. Maybe Stygidaryx would be better, but I have not had her come up yet in my battles.