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Counters system doesn't work

The game is requiring more and more specific counters for creatures, as boosts completely unbalance the roles, there’s only one or two creatures that can actually counter some and survive.

Indoraptor gen 2 can 2shot most of its counters, or you can use swap in damage to defeat it, reducing most of your team to less than 50% hp.

Erlidominus has plenty of counters unboosted, but once its damage gets close to 2000, it defeats most of its counters. It can comfortably 2shot a tryko without even needing cloak. On top of that, after a 2 rounds it will be faster than any speed counters you might have, meaning it goes from “maybe defeatable” to “undefeatable”

But the main point is, you can’t have highly specific counters to creatures you face nearly every round in a random roster. I just had 4 matches where erlidominus wiped out my team because my main counter wasn’t in it and they were so damage boosted that they easily defeated the other counters in my team.

This isn’t fun. It’s tedious. Going into a match knowing that there’s no way to win and then spending the next 45 minutes in similar matches doesn’t make an enjoyable experience. It’s not a “I need to improve my strategy” situation. It’s an “I am being matched against things that would take me 6 months to make a counter for or spend hundreds (yes, HUNDREDS) of dollars to counter”. Why am I being matched against creatures that there is no way for me to counter?

And if it isn’t 4 matches in a row against erlidominus, it’s 4 in a row against 2500 base damage thors that have more base speed than a glass cannon.

My team does an average of 1200ish base damage each, only 2 do over 1500.

I’m regularly facing teams that do a minimum of 1750 base damage.

My team is around level 25. I’m regularly against teams of 28-30.

So apparently I’m supposed to defeat things 4 levels above me that do double my hp in damage each round with none of the counters to those specific creatures in my team, despite having spent all that time training the counters up and having them in my roster so that I can spend a few hours each day fighting completely one sided battles.

I still maintain that the main issue apart from boosts is that the damage is too high for the health pool, that’s why evasion became the primary strategy and they nerfed evasion so that it only protects indoraptors.

I think the entire game needs an overhaul. Numbers, abilities, boosts.

Instead of exponential curves for damage, put in a peak (Double damage abilities currently get exponentially more powerful, where hp does not increase at the same rate, leading to ridiculously high damage numbers. Double 1500 is 3000 damage. Double 2000 is 4000 damage. Double 2500 is 5000 damage. That means a cloak+ rampage could potentially do 10 000 damage and the only way to survive that would be invincibility. A costly thing to have on your team given every creature with high speed, health and damage has defense shattering rampage.

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A lot of Indo’s counters kill it in 2, and some like gemini win every time. Indo usually needs a crit on the rampage to do so.

I don’t know how low your tryko’s hp is, but this is simply not true. Even an unboosted standard level tryko can take 3x damage from a 2000 attack erlidom and kill it. Erlidom sucks against tryko.

This is probably because you have reached a ceiling that you cannot pass, and eventually you’ll seesaw back and forth

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