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Couple of Bugs I have noticed - Fish lost when basin is full or insufficent space

I’ve noticed that there seems to be a couple of bugs relating to when the Fish Bowl is full, or close to full. In both instances the excess fish is lost, where I think they should go into the Mail.

1/ If a titan training has completed and needs checking, if not successful, you are rewarded with fish, but if you do not have enough storage for the fish, they are lost.

2/ If you sell a dragon, and there is not enough storage for the fish then you loose the excess. I have sold a few level 134 dragons which give 1G of fish so almost impossible to have a completely empty fish basin.

Yes another reason to have bigger storage. Just can’t understand why it is so restrictive.

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Thank you for your feedback, @SwissNut.

Sadly at this time, if you get Iron/Fish/Wood from Exploration, Journey, Calendar, Calendar, Brawl rewards, gathering, or releasing dragons, the excess will be lost if your basin is full.