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Couple of Ideas for Raid Rewards

May have been mentioned before, but a couple of things I’d like to see in raids is

  1. Coin rewards. We get coins for everything except what takes the longest. Raids

  2. Better DNA reward (especially for repeated wins). Do any of us really get anything good from the DNA other than the raid boss DNA? while I’m always willing to help in raids some just take too long for me to get motivated. With no coins or decent DNA it makes it that much worse.

I love the raid idea but I feel the rewards could use a little revamp. Am I alone in this? Probably :joy:


I think including coin would certainly help motivate players to spending more time on raids, I know I’d certainly do more, as long as its a good decent amount for the level and included in every reward(including the reward incubators you get form a boss after beating it, like the grey ones, but coin amount decreases), not just the same amount for every single one, certainly disappointing if you get 1k coin from a trex and trebax raid


Have consecutive minion incubators give better rewards. If these raids are going to be this long, then people who help out repeatedly should be rewarded. This also encourages the one and done crowd to actually help out for once.

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Agreed! We need better raid rewards!