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COVID-19 Quality of Life Tweaks (Consolidated)

I have seen various suggestions about how things could be improved further (thank you Ludia for what you have done so far) so I thought I would pull them together so @Ned can take them to the devs. :heart: if you agree and if I have missed any please add them and if they get 10 :heart: I will add them to the list below.

  1. Make all scents spawn 2 creatures each time regardless of movement (like the giga scents)
  2. Add Local 1, 2, 3 & 4 and Park scents - at least one a day (possibly in the store for minimal coin like the darts)
  3. Increase scent storage capacity
  4. Increase the number of green event drops - I know this is potentially difficult as it relies on map data so make all of the respawn times 15 min; that way even if you only have one drop it will still cycle through sufficient rares and epics
  5. Make proximity spawns appear if they are in the circle
  6. Give maximum supply drop rewards inside the circle regardless of distance

Please keep any grumbles about what Ludia will and won’t do or have done - lets keep this purely for suggestions.


Great suggestions.

  • I would suggest increasing number of all drops everywhere. That there are more chances we have strike towers in range.

This weak I have everyday at least one strike tower out of reach, sometimes even two.

In our country is still allowed to go in parks, so I can walk there, as park is two blocks from my home. Though towers are usually out of park area, but for now still reachable with extended range from park. On april fools day, I missed advanced trial, cause it was just too far away and would need to weak up early and run outside.

On other hand almost always have multiples of same strikes in reach, this time three rare towers. For now we are still allowed to go out, but nobody knows how long. 12 hour timers on towers forces us to go outside twice per day.


Local zone and park scents is a must. The giga scents are great idea but the variation in spawns is pretty shocking


Hey PQC, thanks for creating this list of suggestions for us. :smiley:


Also I think removing the “walk closer for maximum rewards" from supply stops for now.


Agreed. Also, all orange drops should have a strike event. If they don’t, they should just become green. The regular orange drops are pretty much useless now other than getting a few items. This allows for everyone to more likely have all the strike events.


I’m putting that one straight in - overlooked that one

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I love the Giga Scent. It has been instrumental in getting enough Velociraptor DNA to get the Indoraptor. As great as it is, I have noticed a huge flaw.

The Giga Scent works to draw in the global spawns and the creatures exclusive to the Zone you are in, but it doesn’t work to draw in the Daily Spawns. With heavy travel restrictions in place, players are not inclined to go out hunting for these much needed creatures. I see so many requests in my alliance feed for Tyrannosaurus Gen 2 but none can be filled due to the lack of Tyrannosaurus Gen 2 spawning in. I personally have seen more of the epic Tyrannosaurus Rex spawn near me than the rare variety does on Friday. That’s sad. I am now starting to see requests for the Marsupial Lion, the rare spawn for Thursday.

I have two options to suggest to alleviate this problem.
The first is to adjust the Giga Scent to lure in the daily spawns.
The second is to remove the two free 5-minute Scent Capsule that you get from the supply drops and replace it with a Daily Scent Capsule that will only draw in the Daily Spawn Exclusives. This one should work for 30-minutes, with spawn intervals every 2 minutes. Set it to randomly draw in the rare daily spawn at least 3 times, guaranteed. It will only work to draw in the daily spawns exclusive to the day it’s activated on.

I hope you’ll consider my suggestions and make some sort of change to help with the disturbing lack of daily spawns in these difficult times. I make this request to developers on behalf of the members of my alliance and all those who play the game.


@PQC Thanks for this topic. :+1:
The lack of green supply drops is really an issue when in lockdown. No chance to get DNA and no chance to get items.

Tied to the challenges already stated re: increased green event drops, but increased strike towers. I appreciate the shift during the day to get new strikes in my area, but I don’t have a lot of drops around me, period, and some strikes never spawn in my limited area. It’s made me miss out on some epic strikes, and I can’t be the only one with this problem.

The issue is compounded by limiting my access to incubators and additional battles to contribute to my daily missions. I do arena battles, but I’m not too good, and it can take a lot of time to get enough incubators by winning, then wait for them to open.

Since we can’t leave the house and I have only 3 stops I can’t ever get enough coins to level up anything! I can’t afford to actually buy coins so they should do an epic deal on coins like they do darts


yeah something besides this dart offer. 90% of giga scent spawns are garbage, so i have like 17,000 darts now. probably could stop buying them. but something more useful than darts would be great


The staggering of strike events isn’t working too well. We aren’t supposed to leave our homes and by not adding them all at once for the full duration we need to go out twice a day instead of once.

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I don’t understand why there still ARE zones. Make all the creatures spawn globally at the rate they normally do. Have creatures that normally only spawn in parks appear elsewhere. Even with various scents, I haven’t darted more than two or three dinos I needed the DNA for in the past week. I don’t need more of the same crap I get all the time, and can’t travel to a different zone the way I normally might.

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As a responsible member of the world I am staying inside to avoid this pandemic. I play this game all day but I hit my supply drop limit on everything by around 3pm. I became a VIP to increase my game play but now it doesn’t matter… I can’t even finish the daily challenge. Can Ludia please increase or remove the limits while we are stuck inside?


Thats a very good idea but i dont think they would do it as people who are careless will go outside to maximize profit.

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It would be very nice to have FIP for purchase in the market. I was Abel to get a food before for like $1.99 for 250. You should do a 250 pack for all three. I would pay $9.99 for 250 of each.

Great suggestions =)

They should temporarily put more supply drops because I only have 3 in range, even with the temporary extra range.

I think supply drops should randomize every hour. That way if you don’t have a green drops/strike tower near you, you may get it rotated the next hour or at least at likely at some point during the day. Truthfully it’d be good going forward even post COVID life. Definitely would help those in more rural areas with limited supply drops near them