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Cpt. Muffin!.. an Idea

First: I’m so upset! The story so far is sooooooo short.

I was having a blast with that adorable little kitty, talked to the humanoid servant and BOOM! Gone for a while.

My heart! It hurts! Woe is me! GIVE ME BACK MY FUZZBUTT! :rofl:

THE IDEA(s): Neko. Make Muffin’s human a catgirl/catboy. We already have centaurs, merfolk, AI and vampires so why not a cat/human hybrid that is super shy and uses their magical cat to filter out bad, judgemental humans?

Or they’re a shifter who can be both fully feline and catperson thus Muffins and their humanoid are one and the same. It would also explain Muffins sudden ability to converse in english AND the humanoid being to shy to talk to MC until after Muffin has approved of them.

Oh! ALSO! A counterpart. Sgt. Biscuit. (A corgi because corgis…) The Human servant being the opposite gender of whatever Cpt. Muffin’s ends up.

Insert shrug here.