Cpt. Muffin broken mid-conversation

While chatting to Cpt. Muffin the relationship levelled up and i got the gems pop up. I clicked to accept them but nothing happened. I backed out of the conversation and now when I go back in to chat to it, it fails with a network error.
I suspect the game is trying to give me the gems again when it loads the conversation text and then failing because of something something.

what are my options?

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Try contacting support, but the error message is really common right now for many people. Hopefully there will be fixes soon from the dev team.

I hope they fix it, cuz it got me too. T.T

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Yup having same problem here with the fella, even when I unmatched and got him again still got the error. Let’s hope it gets fixed soon bc damn was I interested in that storyline and sucks to just not be able to do it bc of some error.

aww its a shame,hope can be sorted out soon. know that he’s a sweet puddy& hope others get to talk to him soon