CranidosHunters are recruiting

The CranidosHunters are recruiting - 2 spots available! We are a competitive and fun group of players that push each other to do well in the game. We are an international alliance, half of us in USA, but we have active players in every timezone

We offer:

  • Weekly 8/9 on Alliance missions
  • Minimal T8 Alliance Tournament Rewards (We aim for T9 during 5 Week Tournaments!)
  • Solid Raid Strategies in discord with help for weaker players
  • A fun and active group that helps each other out with donations and team building advice

We are looking for:

  • A daily active player that completes their daily activities every day
  • 10 kills in tournament is mandatory
  • Discord or Facebook messenger is mandatory to communicate raid strategies

We do not accept blind requests so please contact me on here if you are interested!

we have 4 spots open actually, heading 10/10 this week nevertheless. Come join our active alliance to psuh forward united!

I would like to join your alliance
I have 4600 trophies and am pretty active
Can I join

Sounds good, what’s your ingame name, that I can invite you?

HostileGoat #2131

After reaching 8/10 in weekly mission today we seek 2 active players to join us

Our alliance has 3 spots available

Actually 2 spots avaiable for active players, discord mandatory for communication in raids

Hello! We still have a few spots open, so feel free to come try us out :blush: