Craptastic PVP event....again


I know this isn’t a new topic and the cry of many others but I’m reiterating it. As the more it’s mentioned the more something might be frigging done about it!

PvP is crap and stacked against you! You could at least reset attempts every day. I’m not wasting gems for new things when I haven’t fully levelled up all the rest.

It’s great you’re bringing new items and characters but introduce them in a better way! This isn’t fun anymore :frowning:


This is deliberate on the part of the developers. Your “event trophy count” starts off something like 600 to 800 higher than your season max for the first stage.

For more information, see this guide:

I started the season in arena 5 with roughly 1760 trophies so that should still only make it 2300 roughly with the added 600 as you suggest.

So I don’t understand why I’m getting level 17/18 players with 2700/3000 trophies to their name :pensive:

I did this experiment to start in a lower arena at the beginning of a season based on what you have previously stated about these events and it’s still not getting level players to me :joy:

I don’t mind pvp, I just would like a better chance of progressing in it and three tiers is awful. I’d more likely use gems to refill if it was only one tier

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It seems like it matches you every other battle with one that almost impossible to beat. I know it’s only one level, but they are a BIG difference once you get to 7 and up. After gear, especially if its epic. How are you supposed to beat the silver hand trials when its stacked against you?

@Dave_Dubz, unfortunately the developers alter your functional trophy count during PvP events to make battles increasingly difficult and costly. This event mechanics often match Silverhand Trials players against more powerful Battle Mode players via trophy count adjustments. The average trophy adjustment is reportedly 500. This guarantees an increased loss frequency during events.

Unfortunately many players do not realize they have little chance to complete until they have already expended a multitude of valuable gems.

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It is because of the epic (or should I use game terminology and say “Legendary”) level of sandbagging that players do in order to be able to readily advance thru ToM events. That’s why you are matched against players whose pre sand bagging trophy count would be 1000 higher. I have given up trying to go past the free attempts. I won’t waste gems.

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I dont really understand how this works. If everyones trophy count is inflated for the event, wouldnt everyone still end up fighting people around there level?

Unfortunately not everyone is inflated. The score is only adjusted when a player enters PvP through the ‘Special’ tab on the ‘Event’ page. These are the event players who expend resources to play. Players who enter through the ‘Battle’ tab on the ‘Adventure’ page are not adjusted.

Below are photos of two recent matches.

Our battle mode counts are shown, and in both cases my count is significantly higher. The reason for this is I entered PvP through Battle Mode and my opponents entered through Event Mode.

This is how the algorithm is rigged against Event players.

To combat this I usually let these opponents win.

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I felt like this time my opponents weren’t stacked against me as much. Maybe I just lucked out. I still had obscene miss rates and low damage sometimes. Nevertheless, I don’t enjoy needing to win 35 pvp matches. Devs. I know you read these threads. Please give us other options besides pvp!

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Are you really sure Devs read these posts?

Ludia staff,

I cannot get a reasonable match-up while these events are ongoing. While in Battle Mode I continue getting matched against extremely inferior Event Mode players. [The average trophy count of my opponents is nearly 1000 points fewer]

I refuse to be used by the developer to steal from far weaker players in these ongoing rigged matches. As such I am compelled to continuing throwing these matches.

Event matchmaking should not compel upstanding players to be complicit in the developer’s criminality. Please find a way to steal from others without my participation.

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The problem here is that very few players attend these kind of events nowadays. The alternatives are either we fight bots (soooo boring) or wait (many) minutes to be matched up with human players.
In this second case, you get who is available in that moment.
Sometimes you fight someone at your same level (or higher) but the higher you get, the more hard is to find someone at your same level.

I agree, the PvP structure imposed by Ludia has driven many players away from these events.

Unfortunately, because I do not participate in Events I am always matched against far weaker players during event periods. This is due to the trophy adjustment Ludia applies to Event players, which imposes them to unfavorable matches against stronger Battle Mode players. The narrowest trophy variance I have experienced so far during the current event is 348 trophies. During the last few event, the divergence was most commonly in excess of 500 trophies, sometimes exceeding 1000. These match-ups entertain no-one. Either, I quickly dispose of the weaker opponent (who is often spending gems) or I continue to ‘throw’ the matches.

I have exhausted of intentionally losing but refuse to be an accomplice in the developer’s plot to exploit these unaware players. This issue could easily be resolved via removing the trophy adjustment for event players or by discontinuing to match Event players against Battle Mode players. Doing either would drastically improve balanced matchmaking during event periods.


Yeah. It’s broken and stupid.

Here’s another example. And yeah, I lost.

@Styrixa, a battle like that is terrible. The events are rigged by the algorithm.
While I feel for you guys, at least you were only outmatched by 354 trophies. I usually exceed my opponents during event periods by a greater amount.

I have had one opponent with fewer 3275 trophies.

Unfortunately, players willingly continue to be swindled by these events. Until more players begin avoiding this larceny, the developers will continue to prosper from their corrupt reprobations.

They are matching players in the battle mode with players in the event. It isn’t hard to tell when you are in battle mode and get matched against an event player. If you enter a battle with a team at 500 trophies and multiple levels average less than you it’s obvious.

A simple ‘fix’ is to tank the battle when that happens. You won’t really lose much from the battle side, but the event player gets a win. If enough people do this, it will help everyone…

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It’s really frustrating always fighting characters way higher level in these things. I felt line I was the only one this was happening to. Thanks for posting

Your not the only one . Happens to everyone.
I was lucky and this person tanked the battle. Either trying to show mercy or protesting the whacked out matching system. Either way if your out there, thank you :smile:


Yay fun!