Crash after clearing a secret room in new dungeons


I submitted a bug report about this, but figure I might also post here in case other players can add additional details/reproduction steps.

Issue: Crash after clearing a secret room
This is an issue that appears to be new to version 0.6.21. After completing a secret room in one of the new dungeons, the game appear liable to crash. I have observed this issue twice tonight (August 1st), each in separate dungeons.

I do not recall which room I encountered the first crash in, but the 2nd crash I experienced was in a last room of the 2nd dungeon leading to the minotaur boss. After defeating all the monsters in this secret room, the game crashed. I did not appear to receive a reward for clearing the secret room, and the dungeon was not completed. I do not recall whether or not the blue-secret-chest-opening animation played or not.

In case it’s relevant, my team consisted of the Wizard, the Cleric, the Warlock, and the Ranger.


I was able to reproduce the same issue in that same room again; after the first room, take a left and clear the giant room, then it’s the secret version of the undead room on the right.

After killing the final ghoul, the secret-room chest shot into the air as normal and then the client immediately crashed.


Hey LeoLionXYZ, thanks for reporting this to us. Our team has been notified of this, and they’ll look into it soon. If you have any other information on the issue, feel free to contact our team again once they get back to you to assist them with the investigation.